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'Ulterior Motives'
Out Now

Johnny Main:
johnny main


Opensight frontman Ivan David originally started the band in Bogotá, Colombia before he moved to the UK to further the vision and outreach of the band.

Formed in 2002, the band had struggled for six years to find their way in the music business and all their hard work came to fruition in 2008 with the release of their debut album, ‘Prosthetic Soul’.

The band’s follow up record ‘The Voice of Nothing’ EP was released in 2010 and now their new EP, ‘Ulterior Motives’ is on general release.

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Opensight aren’t a straight forward band, and deep below the surface, plans have been formulated to show a side to the band not often explored by other artists. Yes, they can be heavy and yes, they can be Progressive but they also have a dramatic edge to them that wouldn’t look out of place in a film score.

“Painting pictures with sound” may be taking the analogy a bit further than necessary, but the band certainly seem to be fleshing out a new genre of Metal where there really is more to it than what’s on the surface.

‘Alibi’ has a jaunty intro before the track settles down into a relatively fast tempo. The vocals from front man Ivan David are punchy and the guitar from Genia Penksik puntuates the lyrics.

It's a great song - the slower mid-section allows what sounds like a keyboard but is, I suspect, actually a guitar to really take centre stage along with the simple but effective cymbal work from drummer Redd Reddington before the guitar takes over once again as the track reverts to the start tempo. All in all, a good solid start.

‘The Chase’ was one of my favourites from an early listen, starting off with Reddington setting the pace before the guitar and vocals pick up the beat. David’s vocals end up being pushed back into the mix during the verses which allows the guitar and drums to come to the fore.

There's a long instrumental section which has a definite cinematic feel to it as it builds and builds towards an exceptional guitar solo from Penksik. There's a brief respite before a second guitar solo takes over where the previous one left off before the vocals come back in – truly great stuff.

‘Vanishing Point’ is another track with good solid drums and guitar work during the short intro before the pace slows as vocals come in. The track’s not short of passion though as David goes from softly sung vocals to a more aggressive style, giving him a good platform to showcase his vocal talents.

Sure, some of the lyrics may be a touch indistinct during the verses, but overall this is a great performance and a much more straight ahead song compared to some of the other tracks.


Title track, ‘Ulterior Motif’ has some excellent soft electric guitar to introduce the track which is joined by a simplistic drum beat before the guitars sweep in giving it a lush orchestral feel as Reddington ramps up the power.

It's not like that for long, of course, as it deviates between the heavy rock sound and the soft orchestration for most of the track. Without being disingenuous to David, the lack of vocals isn’t missed here as it gives the listener the chance to fully concentrate on the music as it flows well enough from light to heavy. Listening to the music, it changes so often that I’m sure it’d be pretty difficult to add lyrics to it anyway!

The final track, ‘Antagonist’ has another slow and steady opening with a razor sharp guitar riff before the lyrics really open up the song. With the guitar riff driving the track onwards, this mid-paced number has a slightly impatient sounding vocal performance from David, but he still gives a good performance.

The guitar solo in the mid-section may be one of the simplest featured here, but it still keeps your attention.

There’s a lot to like here and I'll be keeping an eye on the band to see where they go next. I’m only hoping that they venture out of a UK wide tour, as this band are certainly on my radar now, and I’m expecting big things from them in the future.

You can hear a teaser for the 'Ulterior Motif' track here:

‘Ulterior Motives’ Track List:
The Chase
Vanishing Point
Ulterior Motif

Opensight are:
Ivan David – Vocals/Guitar
Genia Penksik – Lead Guitar
Danni Stanner – Bass Guitar
Redd Reddington – Drums

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