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'Satan's Tomb'
(Metal Blade Records)
Out Now

Johnny Main:
johnny main

denner shermann

Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, are the original Danish guitar players from Danish Metallers Mercyful Fate and appeared on legendary recordings such as their debut album, ‘Melissa’ released in 1983 and the 1984 follow up, ‘Don't Break the Oath'.

Denner left Mercyful Fate after nearly ten years with the band (split over four different tenures) while Shermann has remained with the band except for a brief absence from the mid-eighties until the early nineties.

The Denner/Shermann band came about in May 2014 when Shermann joined forces with bass player Marc Grabowski when they were working on a project called Shermann’s Tank, but as progress was slow, the project was eventually shelved.

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Instead of taking it easy, however, Shermann and Grabowski joined forces with Michael Denner to form the Denner/Shermann band, and from this came the first release, the ‘Satan’s Tomb’ EP’.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, if you like classic Heavy Metal with a dark tinge, then this is absolutely something you should listen to. Coming in at around 21 minutes long, this four track EP is bursting with rich performances that take the essence of what was created by Denner and Shermann back in the early '80s, while still being relevant to today’s more discerning listeners.

Title track ‘Satan’s Tomb’ is a fast paced opener with front man Sean Peck giving a great performance going from a cleaner sung vocal sound to an almost Death Metal style, but whatever the style, it’s all delivered with a tinge of evil to it – all of which totally fits the song’s lyrical content of course.

Almost everything “demonic” is ticked off the lyrical checklist in a glorious song backed up with a solid guitar riff and simple but powerful drums.

‘War Witch’ on the other hand has drummer Snowy Shaw leading the way during the intro before the guitar track steals his thunder. This is more mid-paced than the title track, but it’s still a great number. Peck really stretches his voice, and at times it seems like he’s trying to match the high notes of the guitar and he does a good job too.

‘New Gods’ has Peck giving an almost Rob Halford performance as his voice soars through the song once the long instrumental build up from the intro is negotiated.

There are not many vocalists with power like this, and Peck really does this track justice. It’s another fast paced number, the guitar solo is early on in the track for a change but without a doubt it's Peck’s showcase and no mistake.

denner shermann

His ability to drop the musical pitch of his voice during the chorus turns the song into a favourite of mine and is a song in sure I won't tire of.

The last track, ‘Seven Skulls’ is an altogether slower tempo number with Shaw steadfastly punching out the beat whilst the guitar riff is very much relegated to the background. It’s not long before the pace picks up, however, and the guitar riff returns to front and centre.

This track is probably my favourite here with the guitar punctuating the lyrics whilst Peck gives his best overall performance yet. Just when you think you know where the song is going, though, the tempo changes up and down giving it a somewhat unpredictable but enjoyable feel.

This may be an introduction of where the band is going and personally, I hope the band not only tours but also records a full length album because if it’s going to be anything like this, then it’s a sure fire winner in my book.

Now my only question is when are these guys going out on tour, because this is one show that I really don't want to miss.

You can see the official trailer for the ‘Satan’s Tomb’ EP here:

‘Satan’s Tomb’ EP Track List:
Satan’s Tomb
War Witch
New Gods
Seven Skulls

Denner/Shermann’s band are:
Sean Peck – Vocals
Michael Denner – Guitar
Hank Shermann – Guitar
Marc Grabowski – Bass Guitar
Snowy Shaw – Drums

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