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(Scarlet Records)
Release Date: Friday 30th October 2015

Johnny Main
johnny main

be the wolf

Be The Wolf were formed in September 2011 and hail from Turin, Italy, where they honed their talents in a number of other bands over the years.

From the beginning, the plan for the band was simple – writing and playing rock music, but without wanting to have to conform to particular genres, definitions or labels.

The band released their debut track, ‘Chameleon’ in March 2012 which was accompanied by a homemade video showing the bands less serious side, then followed up with ‘One Man Wolfpack’, a couple of months later.

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The band were spotted and in June 2015 signed to Scarlet Records who saw their enormous potential and the outcome of this new relationship is the band’s debut album, ‘Imago’.

The ten track opus comes in at around thirty five minutes in length and if you’re a fan of the likes of Fall Out Boy or Rival Sons then this contemporary album with a Seventies-inspired rock feel and a touch of blues-filled atmospheres should be right up your street.

The album sees a reworked version of the bands debut track, ‘Chameleon’ slipping in, and it’s easy to see why they were picked up by Scarlet Records. The track is a much faster paced number compared to some of the others here, with drummer Paul Canetti controlling the pace.

The bass guitar from Marco Verdone is more prominent here than in some of the other tracks, but it shows how well Canetti and Verdone work together as the engine room of the band and create a solid base on which the rest of the songs are built.

Without a doubt this is their most hard rock based number, but there’s so much more to the band than that.

‘Si(g)ns’ is a bouncy track where front man Jeremiah Payson gets to stretch his vocal chords, showing what an impressive vocalist he is, while he also pulls out a mean guitar solo.

‘24’ on the other hand sees Payson giving a totally different performance vocally while the addition of a simpler guitar sound on guitar before the main riff and drums blast out. It’s a fun track that doesn't take itself too seriously musically though the lyrics seem to be a slightly different matter!

‘The Fall’ sees a much more subtle intro before the tempo picks up. If you're going to listen to one track to see how they sound then this is the one I recommend - great vocals, along with a great guitar riff make this a lively number overall.

With ‘The Comedian’ there’s some stabbing guitar chords that give this track a sense of urgency which is followed up by a great but relatively simple performance from Canetti. Sometimes simplicity is the best thing and it certainly seems to be the case here.

There are a couple of almost funky numbers here too like ‘Jungle Julia’ in which Payson, again, puts in a great performance while ‘Dust In Hoffman’ continues with the funkiness. The latter (surely the best title for a song ever), is another fun track which rattles along at a fair pace.

be the wolf

There’s a slower section in the middle gives Payson a chance to stretch his voice once again whist Canetti keeps the solid tempo going at the back.

The slowest paced number, by some margin, is ‘The House Of The Dead Snow’ with a simple drum beat kept very much in the background as the light guitar track and Payson’s vocals take centre stage.

It’s a passionate performance from Payson who makes this number all his own. It’s not the acoustic number it could be but if the band decide to go down that route in the future, then this song must surely be in the running to be included.

You can see the official video for ‘The Fall’ here:

‘Imago’ Track List:
The Fall
Jungle Julia
The Comedian
Florinda’s Murderer
Dust In Hoffman
The House Of The Dead Snow
One Man Wolfpack

Be The Wolf are:
Jeremiah Payson – Vocals/Guitar
Marco Verdone – Bass Guitar
Paul Canetti – Drums

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