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'King Heavy'
(Cruz Del Sur Music)
Out now

Johnny Main
johnny main

king heavy

The idea for Doom Metal quartet King Heavy hail has been around since 2009 when ex-Procession founder Daniel Perez Saa and Belgian born vocalist Luther Veldmark met at the Doom Shall Rise Festival in Germany, after which they kept in contact and exchanged ideas.

The band was officially formed in 2012 when guitarist Matias Aguirre and drummer Miguel Canessa were brought on board, however progress was slow as Saa, Aguirre and Canessa would jam and rehearse material in their native Chile before sending demos over to Belgium for Veldmark to hear what they were doing and work out vocals.

This exchange of material across the Atlantic Ocean finally bore fruit in 2014 with the release of their self-financed ‘Horror Absoluto’ EP.

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After the positive response to the EP, they were signed by Italian based label Cruz del Sur Music, for this, their debut full length album which brings together truly epic arrangements with a more traditional Doom Metal sound.

Spanning a mere forty seven minutes in length and spread over seven tracks, this is a truly epic release so early in a band’s career. With album opener, ‘La Gargola’, there’s a slow and moody intro from the Canessa and Aguirre coming across well but with a touch of menace in the voice of Veldmark.

The slow pace does pick up slightly as the song progresses but the band still takes their time over the song and you feel like they have all the time in the world. The mid-section is much slower than the rest of the song with Veldmark sounding deliciously evil it continues before Saa comes to the fore with his throbbing guitar chords.

This track owes something of a debt to the original Black Sabbath album with regards to its moodiness and pacing and it’s certainly an interesting first listen.

On the very first listen it was ‘As Dawn Broke on the Day’ that cemented itself as one of my favourites. The slow drum intro from Canessa kicks things off before some heavy guitar chords from Aguirre are thrown out with power and precision.

Okay, so the vocals may sound a bit disjointed here and there but this is a small criticism and to be honest, it’s half the charm of the track – it’s easy to forget that English isn’t Veldmark’s first language so he has to be applauded for the effort he puts into his vocals.

Saa gets a prominent bass part half way through in a slower section before it’s relegated to the back of the mix again as Veldmark’s vocals return. All the while, the whole track is held together by a demon guitar riff from Aguirre.

‘Wounds’ has a demonstration of what a powerful drummer Canessa really is as he sets the initial pace before the tempo dip, only for it to rise once again during the chorus. I think the song may have a bit of an identity crisis – does it want to be a faster tempo or does the band want to retain the slower doomier tempo?

I don’t think they could make up their mind so they tried to do both within the one song, and it kind of works but at the same time, it’s an uncomfy listen – for me anyway. On the plus side, are the drums from Canessa whilst Aguirre pulls out a heavy, heavy riff that I’m sure Tony Iommi would be proud to call his own.

‘The Crowning’ is a different entity from anything else on the album with its soft echoey guitar providing a dreamlike sound before some whispered vocals add a touch more atmosphere to it. The shortest track on the album, it serves as nothing more than an intro to the last track, ‘He Who Spoke in Tongues’.

If there’s a classy way to finish your debut album, then surely putting an eleven minute song as the final track is a great way to do it. This track is really great – from start to finish – and is a track you really shouldn’t miss.

The long, slow instrumental intro sets the scene and the sparse vocals from Veldmark (when they cut in) have him sounding not unlike Glenn Danzig as he gives a sincere and toned down performance. The drums and the main guitar riff are pushed to the front while the solidly paced mid-section is bound to get a crowd head hanging along at a gig.

From the first to the last listen, there’s a lot to like about King Heavy and with the band in the midst of a European tour right now (including a date in London – which is free entry! – and another in Birmingham), this is one band I urge you to go and see because if their live show is anything like as powerful as this album, then it’s going to be one helluva show.

king heavy

You can see King Heavy live here:
Wednesday 28th October – The Asylum 2, Birmingham (with Iron Void)
Thursday 29th October – The Unicorn, London (Free Show with Iron Void & Brule)
Friday 30th October – Le Midland, Lille (with The Losts & Bloody Hours)
Saturday 31st October – Biebob, Vosselaar
Sunday 1st November – Dutch Doom Days, Rotterdam

‘King Heavy’ Track List:
La Gargola
Life AD
As Dawn Broke on the Day Thirteen Chosen Ones
The Crowning
He Who Spoke in Tongues

King Heavy are:
Luther Veldmark – Vocals
Matias Aguirre – Guitar
Daniel Pérez Saa – Bass Guitar
Miguel Canessa – Drums

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