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'The Darkest Storm' EP
Out now

Johnny Main
johnny main

designs of chaos

London quintet Designs of Chaos have been around since 2011 and have already released their ‘Chaos Engine’ EP in 2013 to great acclaim. Buoyed by the good reviews, in 2014, the band set about recording what would be come ‘The Darkest Storm’ EP when tragedy struck the band. In June 2014, long time drummer Chris Crammond was killed in a work accident.

Crammond’s death left the band shattered, and it took some time and numerous discussions within the band about what to do next. Should they give up or should they continue is a question that has been asked by some of the biggest names in Rock and Metal after the death of a band member, and with the EP more or less recorded, the band felt that they should carry on.

This EP is the legacy of Crammond and it serves him well, and shows what an integral part of the band he was. Heavy and fast are more than enough to describe the bands sound, but they have a unique blend of melody and brutality that sets them apart from some other bands.

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If you take the title track, ‘The Darkest Storm’, for example, it has a great solid sound here with the drums sounding especially great. The meaty guitar riff too, has a great overall sound to it and it really carries the song.

Front man Jay Shields gives a good performance with his unique vocal sounds. You're half way through the track when it sounds like the songs done, but out of nowhere comes before the razor sharp riff and it the track comes back for another onslaught.

In comparison, ‘Social Phantom’ has a much slower pace, but having said that, it’s still no slouch. Shields gives another great performance here and the guitar riff is placed in the back of the mix, which gives room for the other instruments to be heard.

There's a section of lyrical guitar half way through that may sound out of place on paper, but it serves merely as a short interlude during the piece. A firm favourite of mine and no mistake!

The final tack is ‘Strength In Numbers’ which features some metronomic drumming pushed right to the front before it’s joined by the guitar riff. This band have a knack of pulling out great guitar riffs and not one of them here disappoints.

designs of chaos

The track’s another showcase for Shields and his voice that just excels here. It's a performance that goes from his more gruff sounding performance to holding onto longer notes proving vocal skills are second to none. Again there's a slow section on the middle providing a small respite but it's not long before the full force of the song kicks back in.

So what of the band’s future? Well, they have installed Andy Bramley as drummer and the band have played a handful of gigs since Crammond’s death in order to launch this EP and to remember their fallen band mate, but the next year or so will see where the band goes from here, and I can only wish them all the best in whatever the future brings them.

You can hear the track 'Strength In Numbers' here:

‘The Darkest Storm’ Track List:
The Darkest Storm
Social Phantom
Strength in Numbers

Designs of Chaos are:
Jay Shields – Vocals
Javier Gedeon – Lead Guitar
Dean Robson – Rhythm Guitar
Scarthee – Bass Guitar
Chris Crammond/ Andy Bramley – Drums

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