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'Rolling In Town'
Out now

Johnny Main
johnny main

42 decibel

Hailing from Caballito, a neighbourhood of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, are a four piece rock n’ roll band who are influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Status Quo, Thin Lizzy and Lynyrd Skynrd who manage to bring pretty much all these influences into their second album, ‘Rolling In Town’.

Kicking things off with ‘Can't Keep Control’ it’s got a fast and furious tempo with the band only just managing to keep control of the pace as drummer Nicko Cambiasso punches out the ferocious beat.

It’s a good track overall that rattles along before ending in a glorious musical climax. The second track, ‘Short Fused’ owes something of a debt to AC/DC, both musically and the way in which front man and lead guitarist, Junior Figueroa, sounds.

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There’s nothing wrong with being influenced by another band of course, some of the biggest bands in the world started off playing cover songs and still talk about the bands who influenced them at the beginning, but 42 Decibels make this song their own – and what a great song it is too. Firstly, there’s the steady paced rhythm and then if you add in some fun shouty vocals it passes by as a very enjoyable listen overall.

When I first heard ‘Rude And Fast’, I genuinely thought the band were covering Status Quo’s ‘Down Down’ such is the similarity in the opening guitar riff. However, just at the point where you expect the track to explode into the heady tones of Quo, the band manage to take it in a totally different direction.

Likewise with ‘Drop Of Booze’, where the opening riff is reminiscent of another Quo classic, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ but again, this track veers off into something completely different. The latter track is a definite foot stomper and its catchy chorus will have you singing along after only a couple of listens.

‘Burning Down The Road’ has a really good guitar led intro before the track settles down into the groove. Cambiasso holds a straightforward beat while what sounds like a steel guitar sound dominates the track giving a completely different feel to the tracks that have gone before. There’s also a long instrumental section in the middle that could easily be extended in a live situation.

‘Eye Of The Hawk’ is one of the slowest paced numbers on the album with a long, moody intro taking you up to the forty second mark before Figueroa utters the first line. There’s some great twin guitar work Figueroa and Billy Bob Riley leading up to the main guitar solo from Figueroa, which itself is tight and entertaining.

‘Cold Steel Rider’ is far and away the longest track coming in at the seven minute mark. It doesn’t feel like it’s unnecessarily long, however. The long and simple intro with light percussion from Cambiasso and some equally simple guitar work slowly builds up and you’re really hitting the three minute mark before Figueroa gets to the first vocal section.

As the track builds up, the guitars take you on your way in what could be an interesting experiment in creating longer songs or just might actually be an unrehearsed jam the band have committed to tape.

42 decibel

Either way, what I do know is that it’s among the best songs here, so let’s hope the band have a few more longer songs in their arsenal.

You can see the official video for ‘Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)’ here:

‘Rolling In Town’ Track List:
Can't Keep Control
Short Fused
Rude and Fast
Drop of Booze
Burning Down the Road
Eye of the Hawk
Down the Hatch
Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)
Cold Steel Rider
Smooth Talker

42 Decibel are:
Junior Figueroa – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Billy Bob Riley – Rhythm Guitar
Chris Marck Towers – Bass Guitar
Nicko Cambiasso – Drums

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