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'Excellent Cadaver'
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Johnny Main
johnny main

excellent cadaver

Formed in early 2008, Excellent Cadaver are a 5 piece Metal band from Dundee, where they honed their unique brand of Metal which has been described as a sound of "hurricane like force hurtling towards you at 100mph".

Drawing influences from Metal core acts such as All That Remains and Trivium, as well as incorporating groove elements sure to appeal to fans of bands like Chimaira and Machine Head, the band integrate a number of different sounds to achieve their distinctive resonance.

Since their live debut in August 2008, the band have shared the stage with the likes of Trivium, Chimaira, InMe, Exit Ten, Malefice, Yashin and Failsafe to name but a few.

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I first caught up with the band in 2013, and their new self-titled four track EP shows just how the band have come with their line up remaining almost the same since they were formed.

Kicking off with ‘Dead Dreams’, this really is the ideal opener for the EP with its slow build up before the drummer, who’s only referred to by his forename of Ryan, blasts out.

The guitar riff is kept very much in the background as front man Andrew Downie is allowed to take centre stage with a great vocal performance. The guitar does eventually makes its way to the front of the mix, however, and what a great catchy hook it is too.

‘Losing Streak’ has Ryan once again in centre stage as he pounds out the intro before the main guitar hook comes across well in this slower paced number.

Downie’s voice is tinged with menace mainly due to the lower register he’s using, and it's a really solid performance. There's a long instrumental section which allows both guitarists Drew Cochrane and Paul Hudson to take centre stage with in a couple of well thought out and performed solos. They may not be flashy but they are technical and well played, paving the way for the vocals come in for the final verse.

‘Unchained’ picks the pace back up with Ryan's metronomic drumming. It features another solid vocal performance from Downie before the faster paced mid-section. It was a favourite of mine from an early listen and it’s still a stand out track for me, after repeated listens.

The final track is ‘Witness’ which has Ryan utilise what sounds like a double bass drum kit well, and some cleaner vocals from Cochrane which add a different feel to the track.

excellent cadaver

Without a doubt this is the heaviest track on the EP though it still manages to retain a melodic touch thanks to the lighter vocals from Cochrane. The guitar riff takes centre stage during the slow fade which never outstays is welcome and is a different way to end the number – all good though.

This may be a short illustration of where the band are going but this eighteen minute EP shows that the band have a lot of passion, energy and commitment to their cause.

I look forward to hearing some of these tracks live, and I also hope the band don’t take too long before they start planning out a full album’s worth of material.

You can see Excellent Cadaver live here:
Sunday 22nd November - Beat Generator Dundee (Supporting Heart Of A Coward)

‘Excellent Cadaver’ Track List:
Dead Dreams
Losing Streak

Excellent Cadaver are:
Andrew Downie – Vocals
Drew Cochrane – Guitar/Vocals
Paul Hudson – Guitar
Sean Ramson – Bass Guitar
Ryan – Drums

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