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'The Definitive Hits & More' DVD
Release Date: 20th November 2015

Johnny Main
johnny main

status quo

British rock legends Status Quo will be celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of their first ever hit single, ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ in 2017 and their most recent single – an acoustic version of their 1974 hit, ‘Break The Rules’ – was their one hundred and sixth UK single, making them one of the most successful UK chart acts ever.

If you add in the fact they’ve hardly stopped touring since they formed back in 1962 and continue to sell out arenas across the UK and Europe, Status Quo are very much a going concern.

Despite the band’s thirty one studio albums, seven live albums and numerous compilation albums, the visual side of Status Quo’s career has very much been left on the back burner over the years.

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The band did release a number of gigs on VHS over the years like their famous ‘End of the Road’ gig at Milton Keynes in 1984 or their rip-roaring Birmingham NEC show from 1989 but these have still to make it onto DVD, a format which the band have taken their time to embrace.

They did put out a DVD compilation of hit singles under the XS All Areas banner – which was a pretty poor attempt to bring a collection of singles together but it missed so many off and used live footage instead of the actual promos so that the end product was disappointing to the band’s legions of fans.

For a long time - well, since 1986 when the last truly comprehensive collection of promo videos was released on VHS - Quo fans have longed for a collection of all their promo videos in one single collection – and here it finally is (almost!).

‘The Definitive Hits’ part of the title refers to the collection of sixty five (count ‘em) official promo videos, fifteen of which have not been available on an official Quo DVD before.

These videos are mostly made up of performance footage like 'Paper Plane' at The Marquee or 'Accident Prone' filmed in a junkyard, showing how the band have evolved over the years when their hairstyles may change but the signature swing of the guitars always remains.

Along the way you also get the odd one which have a loose story in them like ‘Something ’Bout You Baby I Like’ or ‘Who Gets The Love?’, then there's some that are just done for the fun of it like 'Ain't Complaining' which features a guest appearance from comedian Griff Rhys Jones as a video director, or 'I Didn't Mean it' which sees the band fooling around in a faux court situation.

It’s great to finally have these in an easy to watch format – no more scouring the internet video sites or having to watch ropey old copies of them that were taped off 'Top of the Pops' back in the day, when they used to cut off songs at the guitar solos.

Of course, as with any product these days, there are omissions – most notably, 1986 hit single ‘Red Sky’ for which a promo was never filmed, along with videos for earlier singles like the 1968 hits ‘Ice in the Sun’ and ‘Technicolour Dreams’ along with 1970’s ‘In My Chair’.

The latter three are available elsewhere, so their absence from this ‘Definitive’ collection remains a mystery. Still, sixty five promos in one collection is still a must-have for any Quo fan, right?

When it comes to the second disc of ‘& More’, the disc is jammed packed with never before seen footage. First up is a performance of ‘Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home’ which was recorded during a ‘Beat Club’ session in 1970.

A four minute edited version of this track has been available for many years, but this disc includes an improvised performance of the song which lasts a staggering 27 minutes long.

The second bonus is eight never before seen tracks recorded live at Wembley Arena during the band 1996 ‘Don’t Stop!’ World tour and includes Quo classics like set opener ‘Paper Plane’, ‘Softer Ride’, ‘Don't Waste My Time’ and an outing for ‘Backwater’ featuring Parfitt on vocals.

If you add in a further seven live performances, this time recorded from the band’s 2014 appearance at Download Festival, then the second disc is a very hefty addition – and certainly one to be savoured, at least for the newer fans of the band.

With the promos videos now released, I only hope that someone in the Quo camp is currently scouring the vaults for some unreleased live video footage that might be released in a second package – after all, the band are renowned for their tight live performances over the years, so a live compilation DVD from throughout the lengthy bands career is surely something else that would keep the hordes of Quo fans happy.

‘The Definitive Hits & More’ Track List:
Disc One:

Pictures of Matchstick Men
Down The Dustpipe
Paper Plane
Down Down
Roll Over Lay Down
Mystery Song
Wild Side of Life
Rockin' All Over The World
Again and Again
Let Me Fly
Someone Show Me Home
Accident Prone
Whatever You Want
Living On An Island
Who Asked You?
What You're Proposin'
Don't Drive My Car
Something 'bout You Baby I Like
Rock 'n' Roll
Dear John
Ol' Rag Blues
A Mess of Blues
Marguerita Time
Going Down Town Tonight
The Wanderer
Rollin' Home
In The Army Now
Ain't Complaining
Who Gets The Love?
Running All Over The World
Burning Bridges
Not At All
Little Dreamer
The Anniversary Waltz Pt.1
The Anniversary Waltz Pt.2
Can't Give You More
Rock 'til You Drop
Roadhouse Medley
I Didn't Mean It
Sherri Don't Fail Me Now
When You Walk In The Room
Fun Fun Fun
Don't Stop
All Around My Hat
The Way It Goes

Disc Two:
Mony Mony
Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
Jam Side Down
All Stand Up
You'll Come 'Round
Thinking of You
The Party Ain't Over Yet
Beginning Of The End
It's Christmas Time
In The Army Now 2010
Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You
Two Way Traffic
Let's Rock
Bula Quo
Looking Out For Caroline
Go Go Go

Bonus Features
Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home - Beat Club Session 1970
Paper Plane – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
Softer Ride – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
The Wanderer – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
Backwater – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
Gerdundula – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
Something 'bout You Baby I Like – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
Don't Waste My Time – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
All Around My Hat – Live at Wembley Arena 1996
Caroline – Live at Download Festival 2014
Paper Plane – Live at Download Festival 2014
Big Fat Mama – Live at Download Festival 2014
Roll Over Lay Down – Live at Download Festival 2014
Down Down – Live at Download Festival 2014
Whatever You Want – Live at Download Festival 2014
Rockin' All Over The World – Live at Download Festival 2014

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