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a thousand horses

A Thousand Horses are an American four piece who have fused the classic sounds from the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones to create a unique sound.

'Southernality’ is their debut album, which comes after years of determination and an against-the-odds struggle to let the band bring their music to the people.

The album is some thirteen tracks long and has a running time of just under fifty minutes and it’s the type of album to put on during a relaxing Sunday afternoon or as background music whilst dining alfresco during the summer - nothing is rushed, nothing requires too much concentration and the album overall comes across as a very enjoyable listen.

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Title track ‘Southernality’ has a heavy Skynyrd influence to it. It’s a strong rocky number with a sharp guitar riff which drives the song onwards and there’s the slimmest hint of harmonica which adds to the overall bouncy feel.

By the time they add in the catchy and straightforward chorus, the band just know that you'll be singing along after relatively few listens – and that’s something that I can pretty much guarantee!

Talking of Skynyrd, this album also has a track called ‘Travelin Man’ on it, but that’s where the similarity ends. This track is a harmonica led number which builds the pace back up compared to some of the other slower paced songs.

It’s another solid rock number which sees drummer Chris Powell showing his skill as he punches out the complex beat while the harmonica underlines the whole track. On the whole, though, it’s another really enjoyable track.

With ‘Heaven Is Close’, vocalist Michael Hobby seems to be channelling Def Leppard front man Joe Elliott in her performance, and that’s not intended to knock Hobby’s performance – Elliott does, after all, have a great voice.

Hobby gives a passionate performance here alongside the subtle acoustic guitar rhythm which never tries to upstage him. A favourite song on the album – yes, this is very definite a contender for that title in my eyes.

‘This Aint No Drunk Dial’ sounds like it should rock the joint to the ground, but A Thousand Horses are so much more subtle than that. It’s got a bluesy acoustic guitar riff gives Hobby another chance to shine and acts as a showcase for the lighter side of the band. Despite the title, it's a fairly up beat number which is unexpected and overall the song’s a real treat.

Having said earlier that this album is ideal for relaxing with on a Sunday, interestingly they actually have a track called ‘Sunday Morning’ included on it. It’s another acoustic number and it’s well named because this is exactly the type of song that I put on after a really heavy Saturday night.

a thousand horses

Hobby puts in one of his best performances here teamed up with some female backing vocals (courtesy of either Whitney Coleman or Kristen Rogers – I’m not too sure – neither of which seem to be part of the full-time band, unfortunately) together with a really great slide guitar in the back of the mix.

Overall, there’s a lot to like on this album and it’ll be interesting to hear some of these tracks live, so let's hope that 2016 brings the band over the UK for a tour.

You can see the official video for ‘(This Ain't No) Drunk Dial' here:

‘Southernality’ Track List:
First Time
Heaven Is Close
Travelin' Man
Tennessee Whiskey
Sunday Morning
(This Ain't No) Drunk Dial
Back to Me
Trailer Trashed
Hell on My Heart
Where I'm Going

A Thousand Horses are:
Michael Hobby – Vocals
Zac Brown – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Bill Satcher – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Graham DeLoach – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

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