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John 'Rhino' Edwards may not be a name that's immediately familiar to you, but if I was to say that he's been the bass player for those demin clad rockers Status Quo for nearly thirty years, you might know who I mean.

Edwards has had a long and varied career working with the likes of Peter Green (of Fleetwood Mac fame), The Climax Blues Band and Dexy's Midnight Runners prior to being approached to work on the 'Recorded Delivery', the as yet unreleased solo album from Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt.

When Status Quo reformed with a new lineup in 1986, Edwards was called in to replace founding member Alan Lancaster and has remained there ever since.

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Of course with someone with as much enthusiasm as Edwards has, his role in Quo is just part of the story. Over the years he's been involved with Woodedz, a band featuring his sons Freddie and Max who played a number of gigs in the UK and Europe and the first self-titled Rhino's revenge album was released back in 2000.

This second Rhino's revenge album doesn't exactly pick up where the first one left off, but shows that Edwards is still capable of writing a good solid tune, and his singing isn't half bad either.

'Tomorrow Is Yesterday' was written about giving up drugs, and there's some subtle effects added to the vocals from Rhino whilst drummer Max Edwards keeps a solid dream beat. The guitars are pushed quite far back in the mix, and it's not until the first chorus when the track really comes alive.

'All The Girls Love A Bastard' has a simple drum beat and a laid back guitar track giving this song its own identity. The lyrics from Rhino are almost rapping and it's a song that very much has Rhino's tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

From the man who bought you Status Quo's 'The Oriental', this is another song that shows he does pastiche very well.

'Famous' is a rocky up-tempo number with a strong guitar riff at its backbone. The track shifts along at a fair pace and it's another where Rhino's got his tongue in his cheek once again as far as the lyrics are concerned. The catchy chorus has some subtle backing vocals which give it a bit more oomph and it'll have you singing along after only a few listens, that much I guarantee.

'Secretary' continues the rocky vein with a guitar riff that owes something of a debt to Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song'. The riff almost dwarfs the vocals, and overall it's a very noisy track – especially when the drums are added in.

There's another simple but catchy chorus and this really could be the most rocky of the tracks represented here.

'My Name Is Stan' is another fast number which has some keyboards added in to brighten up the sound. It's another guitar orientated track and one that rattles along at a fair pace with a delightful vocal from Rhino. This is a song which I'd love to see live, because I'm sure it would get the joint rocking.

In comparison, 'New New New' is more of a bluesy number with the guitar leading the way once again. The laid back vocals are well done, and leave large spaces allowing the music to breathe.

The guitar riff is really good here, and it too takes a step back during the verses before building back up during the chorus.

rhinos revenge
John 'Rhino' Edwards ©Simon Cooper 2015

Of course, there had to be a twelve bar Status Quo-style number somewhere here, and 'Cougar' is the song that fits the bill. The guitar is in the background until you're almost a minute into the track as the volume slowly but steadily increases. It maintains this pattern throughout and isn't a bad song at all if I'm honest.

For me one of the highlights of the album is the socio-political 'Black Widows'. A distinctly darker track lyrically and musically compared to some of the others, it's about Chechen suicide bombers.

The grinding guitar riff and relentless drums lead the way with Rhino sounding not unlike Ozzy Osbourne at times, thanks to some effects added to his voice.

Not an atypical song but certainly not a song you'd expect from a good time band like Rhino's Revenge but then again, it just proves there's so much more to Rhino than playing second fiddle to Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt in Status Quo.

You can see the official video for 'Black Widows' here:

You can see Rhino's Revenge live here:
Thursday 11th February – 229 Venue, London (with Eddie & The Hot Rods)
Friday 12th February – 1865, Southampton (with Nine Below Zero)
Saturday 13th February – The Tunnels, Bristol (with Eddie & The Hot Rods)
Sunday 14th February – The Globe, Cardiff (with Eddie & The Hot Rods)
Tuesday 16th February – Fibbers, York (with Eddie & The Hot Rods)
Wednesday 17th February – The Academy 3, Manchester (with Eddie & The Hot Rods)
Thursday 18th February – Bootleggers Bar, Kendal (with Eddie & The Hot Rods)
Friday 19th February – O2 Academy 2, Liverpool (with The Jokers)
Saturday 20th February – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (with Nine Below Zero)
Sunday 21st February – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (with Eddie & The Hot Rods)
Friday 26th February – Das Parkhaus, Duisburg, Germany
Saturday 27th February – Ma Kelly's, Frieschepalen
Sunday 28th February – Espace Helios, Lambres-Lez-Douai (with Carousel Vertigo and Vincent And Quo)

'II' Track List:
Tomorrow Is Today
New New New
All the Girls Love A Bastard
My Name Is Stan
Busy Doing Nothin'
One Note Blues
Black Widows
Take 'Em Down

Rhino's Revenge are:
John 'Rhino' Edwards – Vocals/Guitar/Bass Guitar
Freddie Edwards – Guitar
Matthew Richard Starritt – Guitar/Trumpet/Vocals
Mae Edwards – Vocals
Max Edwards – Drums

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