Black-Bone: 'Blessing In Disguise'
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'Blessing In Disguise'
Out now

Johnny Main

johnny main


Black-Bone are a young 3-piece rock n roll band who hail from Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

This trio of twenty year olds are no strangers to hard work, having played over two hundred live shows sharing stages with acts as diverse as Saxon, Slash, Status Quo, Deep Purple, Mustasch and Chickenfoot as well as having time to complete this, their second full-length album, 'Blessing In Disguise'.

Looking at the press release, the album promised to be "an old school rocking record which lets your blood flow even faster" and on the whole, this is exactly what it does.

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It's hard and it's heavy and it also lets in the occasional slab of raw sludge, just to mix things up a bit.

If you take 'Ashreah', which was my first exposure to the band's material for example, it has a good solid sound with the guitar riff from front man Steef van den Bogaard leading the way but his actual guitar solo is shrouded by sound from the rest of the band during the mid-paced number.

Having said that, the vocals from van den Bogaard and bass player Sven Hompes are a good match for each other and give the chorus a bit more depth.

'Loaded – Weighted' has a solid start from the final member of the band, drummer Jules Eck, along with van den Bogaard whose guitar riff is seemingly cut off before its prime giving the song a grungy sound overall as opposed to being a full of rock or Metal track, but the guitar does eventually come into to its own a bit later on, so hang on in there! The stop-start section is ripe for a bit of audience participation during a live show, of that I'm sure.

'Enemy' on the other hand is a showcase for Eck playing a complicated beat but playing it well underneath the relentless guitar riff from van den Bogaard. There's a much simpler vocal run from van den Bogaard here, which includes a catchy chorus, making this track a real favourite of mine from an early listen.

'Wrong' has a much slower guitar orientated start with a different vocal sound in van den Bogaard's performance. "Slow" and "moody" are watchwords here, but it's never overly morose or plodding and as the pace picks up during the chorus, it's Eck who puts in another steady and uncomplicated beat which gels the whole thing together. Overall it's another key track of the album from my point of view.

'Believe' has a good intro before a laid back vocal from van den Bogaard who's soon joined by Hompes once again on backing vocals before the murky guitar solo comes in.

Eck's drumming sounds good at the back as he makes the best use of his drum kit. There's an interesting spoken word section in the middle which is a nice touch before the guitar riff pushes to the fore once again as the track reaches its inevitable climax.


'Suïcide (Ain't No Way Out)' with its slow intro has van den Bogaard taking centre stage before the drums of Eck blast out. You're pretty much forty-five seconds in before the vocals and the bass line come in giving the song an elongated feel.

Van den Bogaard's vocals are quite far down in the mix compared to some of the other tracks until the chorus comes around, but this just adds a little extra texture to the track.

If you're looking for an all out rocker, though, then 'Never Too Loud' could be the one for you. It's a fist pumpingly glorious track with van den Bogaard sounding like he's having a ball here as he adds a slightly menacing tinge to his voice.

It's never too loud, in my view, and this song should be celebrated by paying it loud so the neighbours can enjoy the guitar solo at full volume as much as you do.

You can see the official promo for the'Blessing In Disguise' album here:

You can see Black-Bone live here:
Friday 18th December – Poppodium Volt, Sittard
Saturday 13th February – Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
Friday 19th February – Extase, Tilburg
Thursday 17th March – Club 007, Prague
Friday 18th March – Groovestation, Dresden
Saturday 19th March – Lido, Berlin

'Blessing In Disguise' Track List:
Nothing But History
Loaded - Weighted
Suïcide (Ain't No Way Out)
Never Too Loud
You Gotta Nerve
Wasted Years
Save It For Tomorrow

Black-Bone are:
Steef van den Bogaard – Vocals/Guitar
Sven Hompes – Bass/Backing Vocals
Jules Eck – Drums

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