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'Every Bullet Is Another Nail'
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Johnny Main

johnny main

dirty judas

Four-piece progressive Groove Metal band Dirty Judas are based in and around Dundee, and 'Every Bullet is Another Nail' is their debut album.

Prior to listening to the album, I did a bit of research on the band but they seem somewhat elusive with regards to their history, however I did remember that I'd seen them live in Dundee where they opened up the Hordes Of Beilal V event back in 2014, which included a set of songs all of which have ended up on this album.

At the time, I described 'Cut/Throat' as a mid tempo no-nonsense number where front man and bass player Colin MacGregor sounded "deliciously evil as he gives his best performance of the set" and I have to say that if you fast forward twelve months or so and get the band into the studio - the song sounds even better.

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Its razor sharp guitar riff opens the song up before MacGregor's vocals are punctuated by a lead guitar stab. MacGregor puts real passion into his performance and this new version of the song is all the better for it.

When I saw them in Dundee, I also noted that there was an extended solo during set opener, 'Fits Like A Fist In The Eye' which is thankfully retained here. Overall though, the track motors along at a respectable pace with the guitar riff leading the way.

Drummer Gavin Robertson is consistent with his drum beat, making the best use of the tom toms and cymbals available to him. The slower mid-section has sparse vocals from MacGregor before the guitar solo takes the track to its conclusion.

It was a firm favourite when I saw them live, and this studio version is far superior and it's an incredibly strong track overall.

For 'Blood Price', it's Robertson who sets the pace before the lyrical guitar riff blasts out whist MacGregor's bass guitar sound fills or the rest of the sound. It's all pulled into sharp focus with MacGregor's vocals as they go from an aggressive style to a more laid back one as Robertson quickens the drum beat during the long instrumental mid-section.

'God Made Man' is one of the faster paced numbers here, with the guitar leading the way once again. MacGregor has a huge task of fitting all the lyrics in place at the right time which, given the tempo, is no easy feat but he does actually manage it.

There are some lower register vocals too which add an extra element to the number as the guitar sound sails high above.

dirty judas

'No Mans Land' is more of a mid-paced number compared to some of the other tracks here, with its long instrumental intro running some two and a quarter minutes before MacGregor gets to utter his first words.

MacGregor gives a passionate performance here while Robertson keeps the solid drum beat going in the background.

The final track is '1692' which has an atmospheric start with water lapping and the wind howling before the drums break out the simple beat. There's a much softer, lyrical guitar added in what is something of a somewhat laid back affair showing that sometimes simple is best.

The lack of vocals here gives the band a chance to shine musically, and it's a very classy and thoughtful end to the album.

You can see the official lyric video for 'God Made Man' here:

'Every Bullet Is Another Nail' Track List:
Dead Inside
God Made Man
Fits Like A Fist In The Eye
Make A Stand
No Man's Land
Blood Price
Murder Under Trust

Dirty Judas are:
Colin MacGregor – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Sam Whyte – Guitar
Mike Bell – Guitar
Gavin Robertson – Drums

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