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'Place To Hide' single
(Antic Records)
Out now

Johnny Main

johnny main

the bloody nerve

The Bloody Nerve mainly comprises of vocalists Laurie Ann Layne and Stacey Blood who first met in Nashville in 2011.

Two years later, the duo formed the nucleus of the band – a somewhat unique new rock & roll band which showcases raw Texan blues/rock polished with sophisticated New York vocal gloss which is representative of the band's co-founders roots in Texas (Blood) and New York (Layne).

First came a romance between the pair while working on each other's individual music projects until, in the words of Blood, they were "capitulated to the obvious" and started cohabitating professionally too.

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The resultant band recorded their first record, the three song EP, 'Red', shortly after and a second three-song EP, 'Blue', quickly followed.

Disaster struck the band in July 2014 during work on their debut LP, 'Taste', as fire ripped through their home, destroying the property itself as well as their recording studio and equipment.

A disaster it may have been but the band picked up the pieces and finished recording under difficult circumstances and terrible conditions.

The album's first official single, is this – the rocking 'Place To Hide', with the duo's potent vocal mix kicking up a storm.

It's drummer Peter Wolf who kicks things off as he counts in as the piano before the twelve bar guitar pick up the tempo and before you know it the vocals from Stacey Blood burst out.

He's got a good clear voice and the addition of the other vocal track from Laurie Ann Layne adds an extra element to the number. Blood's vocals are quite bluesy but it just showcases what a great performer he is as the song develops, and the contrast between his voice and that of Layne is great.

In a change from many rock orientated tracks, it's really the piano from Terry Bayless that dominates instead of the guitar and Bayless is certainly an extremely talented musician.

As a pre-cursor for the recently released 'taste' album, this is something different yes, but it certainly makes me want to seek out a copy of their album if this track is anything to go by.

The Bloody Nerve are:
Laurie Ann Layne – Vocals
Stacey Blood – Vocals/Guitar
Bobby Blood – Bass Guitar
Terry Bayless – Piano

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