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Johnny Main

johnny main

lemmy motorhead

So the day that we didn't want arrive is finally here - Ian Kilmister has passed on to the great gig in the sky - a mere month after his Motörhead colleague Phil Taylor.

Lemmy's passing has seen a deluge of messages across social media and in the press - suddenly everyone wants to share a story of meeting the great man or how his music became a huge influence in their life, and I guess I'm no different.

As I sit here with a Jack and Coke (c'mon, what else?) on my desk I am reminded of my history with Motörhead and especially Lemmy.

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I never met Lemmy, unfortunately, in fact the first time I saw him on television, I wasn't even a Motörhead fan. Sometime in the mid-1980s, the BBC repeated that Young Ones episode featuring Motörhead (you know the one - it's the one with 'University Challenge') and the band, I guess, predictably, played 'Ace of Spades'.

It wasn't until 1991 when I became more acquainted with the band and their work. Their new album, '1916' had just been released and a mutual friend recommended it to me. From the first listen, I loved every single minute of it - and still do.

The accompanying tour would be the first of a dozen or so Motörhead gigs I saw and the band were very much on form every time. Deafeningly loud every time, I was never disappointed by their performance and feel lucky to have seen them live all over the UK.

Whenever Lemmy appeared on television, he was always down to earth, always honest and instantly quotable.

The sad thing is that the band can't continue without its founding member and guiding force. Let's hope that the remaining members of the band Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee along with old members like Larry Wallis, Eddie Clarke, Brian Robertson and Pete Gill arrange a tribute concert to the great man so that we can pay our respects to him one last time.

RIP Lemmy - you will be missed greatly. Probably more greatly than you could ever imagine.



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