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'Years Of Hunger' EP
(Independent release)

jools green

Jools Green


When I think of music from Finland I think of death/doom outfits like Insomnium and Swallow The Sun or more melodic black Metal like Alghazanth so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the debut EP 'Years Of Hunger' from 'Endzeit'. It is pure black Metal, with nothing added or taken away.

Endzeit, who hail from Lahti, near Helsinki, formed in 2012 as a raw black Metal project by guitarist Polaris, expanding into a band with the addition of Pyry on bass, Samuli on drums and the finishing touches in the form of the vitriolic rasping vocals of guitarist Schwarz.

Lyrically the songs deal with futureless life in a post-apocalyptic world. There are religious references but they reflect a godless narrative, exploring the decay of life, the absence of happiness and absence of a future, the inspiration for which came, to a certain extent, from the well documented decay of the city of Detroit where modern capitalism failed with the closing of major industries and the city being reduced to shell of its former self and in Endzeit's world it goes further and only haggard human shadows dwell in the smouldering rubble.

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The EP is a five track twenty-two minute offering of raw apocalyptic black Metal, opening with the hugely atmospheric intro 'Inception' heavily led by militaristic drum beats that build in intensity, readying for the arrival of 'Hunger', a pleasing mix of traditional black Metal riffing, fast, intense drum work and vitriolic vocals, a superb listen and I love the later part guitar work. It's reflective without being soft and the militaristic edge returns on the drum work to the close.

'Godless' is a cold, fast and intense listen end to end and although the drum work is good across the release, here it is brilliantly manic. 'Life?' is a deep track, not just lyrically but in depth of sound also, enhanced by the dark choir that opens and sits in the background, fading in and out throughout the length of the track adding huge amounts of atmosphere.

The intense riffs are hugely catchy and memorable and a subtle dark melody also lurks in the background and although it is a tough choice, as all five make a superb listen, this is the best track of the release.


The final track 'The Dawn No More Rises' is a Dark Funeral cover from their 1996 'The Secrets Of The Black Arts' and it's a superb rendition that more than does the original justice, a great way to end the EP.

Years Of Hunger' is a great old school black Metal EP, the musicianship is excellent, the production is great, the raw edge to the sound has been carefully left and I am looking forward to a full length from these guys.

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