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'Aura Of Suffering'
(Inverse Records)

jools green

Jools Green

perdition winds

Perdition Winds may be a new Finnish black Metal band but the line-up consists of seasoned musicians from the Finnish death Metal outfits Lie In Ruins and Desolate Shrines.

The aim behind their debut full length release 'Aura Of Suffering', which follows a self titled EP released in 2012, is to deliver the more raw, minimal and cold side of black Metal with an emphasis on keeping a pure black Metal sound. There is the expected 'Lie In Ruins' influence, that gloom rich atmosphere and lengthiness to this six track offering which covers almost fifty minutes as well as a very oppressive edge to much of it.

The lyrics are dark and interesting, encompassing death, suffering, destruction and anti-religion. I also like the harsh rasping vocals which add a lot of drama and atmosphere to the overall sound, but this would be improved the if the production was a touch sharper, just enough to give a little more clarity to the vocals and also lift the drum work, which is again very good but you have to really concentrate to hear it. Its masked behind a thick wall of muggy oppressive guitar work, which is great but the balance is just a bit too much in the guitar's favour; my only issue therefore is not with the material or the performance, just the balance.

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The haunting, melancholic, opening build on 'Revelations In Blood' expands into the dense blackened and oppressively muggy sound that dominates the album. Its direction is well varied across its almost eight minute duration with some catchy latter part riffing and darkly reflective closing melody; overall a very good track and one of my two favourites of the release.

'Night Of Thousand Plagues' has a great opener of simple powerful repeat riffs layered with good drum patterns before taking on a classic blackened plod to the riffs and standout lyrics that I wouldn't have fully appreciated had I not the advantage of the lyric sheet.

'Into Womb Of Oblivion' has a great opening drum roll before the drums disappear into the chaos, however the vocals are the most definable so far, the shortest track at six and a half minutes but it felt, strangely, longer.

perdition winds

The bleak distorted and reflective opener on 'Gray' is very melancholic and although the build is long, it's also dark and powerful. The sound is more oppressive and crushing and slightly less muggy than previous tracks and the midpoint segment has your head nodding along with the rhythms, closing with a blackened doom like feel.

The opener to 'Temple Within' elevated my level excitement. The mix of poignant riffs and powerful drums overlaid by well delivered, hollow, soulless rasping vocals and two and a half minutes in the guitars almost break out into a solo; a track which kept drawing my interest back and at the point where it was becoming so mercilessly oppressive, mentally saturating my brain, the whole mood changes to that of a lighter, more sparse and bleakly reflective one in readiness for the final track.

The dense and powerfully dismal 'Storming Primordial Oceans' is my other standout track. Here the vocals are quite tortuous, the best of the album and the sound has the clarity I would have likes on the other tracks. It's still blackened, oppressive and with a muggy edge but without being to the detriment of the vocals and drums and the slow protracted fadeout is executed to perfection.

'Aura Of Suffering' is quite a good album overall, it has a great atmosphere, the production is just a bit too muggy and some of the tracks could have been a little bit shorter as they started to go over previously covered ground in places.

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