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'Dear Insanity' (limited collector EP)
(Kaotoxin Records)

jools green

Jools Green

eye of solitude

UK death/doom outfit Eye Of Solitude are a band known for exploring new territories.

All of their three previous, substantially sized and hugely varied full lengths; 2011s 'The Ghost', the monolithic, gothic Metal edged 'Sui Caedere' in 2012 and 2013s three disc offering, the Dante's Inferno based 'Canto III' brought something different to the table and all were followed by an EP.

Their latest EP, 'Dear Insanity', features just one mammoth fifty minute track which sees the band entering the darkest part of their desolate world with this; "funeral veil of misery, agony and loss, a slow-motion fall from the celestial grace into a bottomless downward spiral to the most abyssal darkness."

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'Dear Insanity' is a hugely atmospheric, subtly orchestrated chunk of dark, doom/death Metal and the upmost care has been taken here to ensure you feel the emotions they are trying to express. Every note seems like it has been carefully considered and each utterance painfully reflected upon.

It is powerful and superbly melancholic, completed with vocals that are, at one point, earth tremblingly deep, guttural growls of the slowest and most deliberating proportions balanced with sadness tinged cleans.

eye of solitude

The spiral into the black abyss is punctuated with lighter moments; one minute you think everything is ok and then you plunge further and deeper as the dark doom descends around you once more.

The album is available as a limited-edition (500 copies at first press), hand-numbered double digi-CD, featuring six bonus tracks taken from the band's digital EP's, 2012s 'Awoken By Crows' and 2013s 'The Deceit', or as a digital download.

  I am not the biggest doom fan but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed 'Dear Insanity'; it's just superbly created end to end and such an impressive marathon feat of musical endurance and it completely envelops you so you can immerse and lose yourself within it. It is recommended listening for fans of Skepticism, Esoteric and Khanate.

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