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'Tod und Teufel'
(FDA Rekotz )

jools green

Jools Green


'Tod und Teufel' is the third full length in six years from German death Metal trio Arroganz and follows 'Dark And Deathless' in 2011 and 2013s 'kaos.kult.kreation', which have been very well received in the German death Metal underground.

The title translates to 'Death And Devil' and although I can't say for certain, the album may well be inspired by the Frank Schätzing novel of the same name.

The mysterious trio, known only by a letter '-K-' on vocals/bass, '-T-' on drums and their newest member '-P-' on guitar, play an original blend of classic death Metal but with a very contemporary influence, that's delivered with a blackened and sinister edge. I use the word contemporary because there is no sign, unlike many "modern" death Metal bands, of any "core" elements.

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The pace and feel is well varied, ranging from full tilt, blistering death Metal all the way through to a slow lingering and doom laden death and despite this broad approach there is a unity and integrity between all the tracks.

The ten track, fifty-one minute offering begins with the haunting, drone edged 'i.d.t.n.' with spoken words overlaid which leads nicely into 'One Death' where the drone edge continues and here you get the first taste of the vocals which I am also impressed with, harsh deep and rasping with good intonation and the track's fade out is interesting, becoming more and more ear splittingly shrill to the close.

'Arisen From Failure, Perished As King' comes in fast and intense, the bass has a higher profile here, a nicely varied track in tempo and direction with good latter part guitar work.


Title track, 'Tod und Teufel', maintains that fast intense tempo, midway it drops and the bass and drum work combine into a great little groove before a frantic superb closing solo while 'Demon's Heart' is slower with a dark groove formed out of the subtle prominence of the bass and superbly constructed drum work which sits so well alongside the drone edged guitars, ending on closing roar of "Demon's Heart!"

Next track 'Intoxicate' is slow and crushing and with an almost stoner edge, picking up pace as it progresses with strong riffs that rise and fall to the close.

The longest track of the release, the seven minute 'All Light Is A Lie' opens with melodic haunting riffs that become oppressive and hypnotic with vocals take on a very cynical and dark edge. The guitars on 'Black Aura' have a thick distorted sound and a catchy groove which sits so well alongside the deep vocal screams and there is some great latter part drum work that is very well phrased.

Blackened progressive riffs make an appearance on 'Guilty' and The final track, 'Alles' is sinister and hypnotic, with excellent tortuous and hugely expressive vocals that challenge -K-'s capabilities.

'Tod und Teufel' was recorded at The Dark Depths of Cottbus Studio, mixed by Timo Rotten (Spitfire Productions), and mastered by Lasse Lammert (LSD Studio). The artwork was created by Misanthropic Art.

'Tod und Teufel' is a great example of death Metal, a consistently good listen end to end and Arroganz are not afraid to go against the grain and challenge the mediocrity of the masses with their unique approach to create great music, Metal of this calibre deserves to be heard by more people.

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