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The Hub, Plymouth
Saturday 18th January 2015

jools green

Jools Green: Photos by Sam 'Hagrid' McDowall

amon amarth

The queue outside The Hub was one of the biggest seen for quite a while and levels of anticipation were high when slowly the news started to trickle through that Amon Amarth would be playing without Johan Hegg as the frontman had lost his voice. The set would be a full instrumental one.

The offer of a refund at the door was made but not surprisingly very few seemed to take the option. If Amon Amarth were battling on without their fallen brother, then in true Viking style, the fans stayed on to do battle on as well.

Opening act Savage Messiah and support band Huntress both played well received sets but didn't need to work too hard to warm up this crowd as the beer and enthusiasm flowed freely with this almost full capacity crowd from the offset.

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There was a lot of anticipation as to the nature of the upcoming performance from Amon Amarth. Rumours spread of a last minute guest vocalist and that it was all a ruse and Johan would perform, as a mike check took place.

Amon Amarth hit the stage as a four piece with drummer Fredrik Andersson's kit perched so close to the ceiling it made him seem like a larger than life character. The instrumental set was executed to perfection, and it didn't seem to make any difference to people's level of enjoyment that there were no vocals.

Most people seemed to know all the words and were singing along and filling in the missing pieces.

amon amarth

The set, which included 'Death In Fire', 'Deceiver Of The Gods', 'Cry Of The Blackbirds', 'Guardians Of Asgard', 'Varyags Of Miklagaard', 'Victorious March', 'Twilight Of The Thunder God' and 'Pursuit Of Vikings', wasn't completely instrumental. For 'Guardians Of Asgard' Jill Janus of Huntress came on to do vocals and also added some in-between track banter throughout the set.

Probably the high point was Johan appearing on stage for the final couple of tracks, 'Twilight Of The Thunder God' and 'Pursuit Of Vikings', not to sing but to show support for the guest vocalists chosen from the audience to step up and help out with the singing. Two out of the three chosen where actually quite good.

Whilst it was a shame Johan couldn't perform it was great to see him, smiling as ever, make an appearance on stage and the evening was still a huge success.

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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