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'Crvsade: Zero'
(Napalm Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Hate, for me, are one of the best bands to come out of Poland and are hugely underrated.

They originally began as a thrash trio, without a bass player, and now twenty five years on they return with their ninth full length, dark death Metal offering, 'Crvsade: Zero', once again as a trio consisting of Adam the First Sinner, founder and only remaining original member, covering guitars vocals and bass, Destroyer on guitar and Pavulon on drums (with Filip "Heinrich" Halucha as extra guest bassist).

From the eleven track release you can expect death and black Metal soundscapes that are drama rich, superb solos and swathes of blastbeats all completed by Adams' hellishly brutal vocal growls.

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Beginning with 'Vox Dei (A Call From Beyond)', an atmospheric and haunting symphonic opener followed by the instrumental 'Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Wrath!', a superb mix of pounding drums and stunning guitars setting the scene beautifully for the arrival of 'Death Liberator' which has a haunting, underlying melody that surfaces between the vocals.

On 'Leviathan' the pounding drum opener and powerful vocal repeat fires your blood up before the blasts and face ripping guitar work even begins. The lyrics are simple and straightforward and repeat throughout but the powerful and well intonated delivery make them all the more effective.

'Doomsday Celebrities' has some excellent underlying guitar work that pops up between lyrics, a hypnotic repeat riff and powerfully emphasised repeat lyrics are used again to great effect; a superb track.

On 'Hate Is The Law', pounding drums along with powerful and deliberate repeat riffs make up the extended intro and just when you think the pace is set the tempo and intensity shifts up several notches, switching to a blackened plod for the latter third allowing space for some superb guitar work.


'Valley Of Darkness' has a superb, sinister opening riff accompanied by pounding drum work that makes up the backbone of the track with a very dark feel overall. There is also beautiful midpoint and closing melancholic guitar work; overall a superb listen and possibly the best track on an album of tracks that pretty much match each other in their excellence.

Title track 'Crusade Zero' is brutally crushing and 'The Omnipresence' is a one minute soundscape of dark ominous proportions.

Pavulon's movement around the drum kit on the opening to 'Rise Omega The Consequence!' is percussive poetry, flowing magnificently and the track is finished superbly with an equally impressive second half guitar solo and there is another superb closing solo on 'Dawn Of War'. Closing track 'Black Aura Debris' is an atmospheric soundscape.

'Crvsade: Zero'was recorded at Polish Hertz Studios (Vader, Decapitated, Behemoth) with soundscapes and samples from Michał Staczkun and produced by the legendary Wieslawski Brothers. A highly recommended listen!

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