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The Hub, Plymouth
4th February 2015

jools green

Jools Green

36 crazyfists

A 36 Crazyfists gig is not somewhere you would normally expect to find me, but having accidentally volunteered to review it whilst under the influence of a couple of alcoholic beverages, I am not in the habit of backing out of a promise and sometimes these things have a strange habit of panning out unexpectedly well.

Had I not gone I wouldn't have had the opportunity to see, finally, Plymouth based Metal/hardcore five piece Moorhaven, who despite being together and touring for two years, this was the first time I have actually had the chance to see them perform live.

Opening to an already well filled venue but a not yet overly lively crowd, their well delivered and well received set was made up from tracks from their 'Ocean City' EP including their YouTube hit, 'As I Am (You Will Be)', and new material from their 'Modern Truths' EP which will be officially launched on 28th March.

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'Shvpes', (called until recently Cytota) a rock/melodic Metal-core five piece from Birmingham, were up next and managed some crazy stirrings in the pit, during which fearless vocalist Griffin Dickinson, launched himself into the midst of on multiple occasions, still managing to successfully continue with his vocal duties, something else I would have missed. Their set list included tracks from their 2014 debut EP 'The Prosecutor' and a new track, 'State Of Mind'.

Support act, Californian Metal quartet All Hail The Yeti proved to be a hugely popular with the crowd, managing to whip up a pretty frenzied pit by the end of their first track, selecting material from their 2010 EP 'Trees On Fire With Songs Of Blood' and 2012s self titled debut full length. There was a brief calmer moment during the hand waving ballad 'After The Great Fire' but the entertaining mayhem resumed immediately after.

36 crazyfists
All Hail The Yeti

For headliners, Alaskan Metallers 36 Crazyfists, it wasn't their first visit to Plymouth, having played in the past at the now defunct White Rabbit and they drew from their back catalogue of six full length albums as well as new material, the title track from their upcoming release 'Time And Trauma', their first in five years.

The crowd was now a tightly packed sea of bodies with me jammed in a small but safe corner of by the stage, swaying as one and singing along to every song and there were some pretty happy faces in the immediate crowd which said it all, a testament to 36CF and their music.

36 crazyfists

Despite being somewhat out of my comfort zone the evening was an interesting one and the mainstream Metal fans were a decidedly friendly bunch towards this extreme Metal fiend.

36 crazyfists

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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