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'Death Is Righteous'
(Mighty Music)

jools green

Jools Green


Berlin-based Israeli thrashers Shredhead follow their 2011 debut full length, 'Human Nature', with their latest offering, 'Death Is Righteous ', based on the concept that death comes to us all in the end.

It's a release that the quartet believe redefines their musical style to a sound that's more mature, more melodic, more groovy, and also much heavier than their debut release.

So the question is, is it any good? It's a very modern take on thrash, more so in some places than others, it contains some pretty good guitar work, quite polished riffs and a groovy edge, as well as a Phil Anselmo style brutal harmony going on in the vocal department from vocalist Aharon which puts an more aggressive slant on the overall sound which is pretty energetic throughout.

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The drum work is concise and punchy and the bass has a nice distorted edge to its sound that works well. The range between the eleven songs which span forty-two minutes is varied, even within the individual songs the pace is one minute fast and aggressive, the next taking on a more laid back groove, which is one of the better aspects about this release, the variation keeps it interesting.

Sadly the whole album didn't work for me in its entirety but there were a few tracks on the release that stood out and merit an in depth mention, beginning with the opening track, 'Devils Race', which has a classic thrash opener, with vocals that are mostly brutal, taking on that harmonic edge in the repeat, a predominantly pummelling track with a bit of a death groove in the latter part; the best track of the album.

'LPBZ' again has a nice punchy opener and brutal vocals interspersed with a slight technical edge to the guitar, once more taking on a groove in the second half which also boasts an excellent solo.

The most interesting and varied track, 'Last Words Are Lost' starts with a punchy opener and a thrashy start, with a groove that also has a punch to it, which works well and completed by some powerful vocal screams. The track drops in tempo midway, severely, in an interesting and dark manner, ramping up for a 'thrash-tastic' guitar closer.

'Hallucinations' has a superbly manic opener, a fast tempo, and in your face riffing, superb midpoint guitar solo followed by a drop away that is garnished with great vocals that range from screams to roars, picking up towards a close that boasts some great drum work, something that is consistently good across the whole album. 'Walk With The Dead' is mostly fast vocals and fast riffs making it a blood pumping listen.

Mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, The Haunted, Aborted, Sick Of It All). Although 'Death Is Righteous' is well delivered with a good level of musicianship, it fails to consistently hit the spot for me and I think the reason is that although the individual components, particularly the melodic groove and vocals are good, together they just don't quite work on every track for me.

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