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'Black Magic Fire'
(Pulverised Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Formed and founded by drummer Yassin Hillborgin (ex Afflicted) in 2006, 'Black Magic Fire' is the second full length from the Swedish death Metal quartet Crucifyre, following 2010s 'Infernal Earthly Divine' and boasts General Surgery's Eric "Tormentor" Sahlstroem on vocals, an absolute asset to the line-up. His snarling, well intonated, vitriolic vocals complete the sound perfectly.

The rest of the line-up are equally as impressive with Karl Envall (Kaamos, Ex Repugnant) on bass and TG (ex Morbid) covering guitars.

I think this is a superb album, a perfect example of musicians producing what they enjoy and this shows in the quality of the final result. In fact there is nothing I can find fault with on this release; great compositions, excellent musicianship all pulled together as a highly listenable album.

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The ten tracks total forty-three minutes, with lyrics that encompass the mythical concept of Satan from a broad range of perspectives whilst maintaining a lyrically obscure edge and although I enjoyed the album in its entirety there are a couple tracks that do stand out above the others, beginning with 'Apocalypse Whore', which after a haunting guitar led intro that builds slowly over one and a half minutes, culminates in female chants.

Then with the arrival of the main body of the track it's straight into full tilt death Metal mayhem, although the opening repeat returns in the chorus and there's some exciting guitar work to look forward to in the second half, along with the great drum work which is insanely good across the whole release.

The slightly slower 'Pentagram Palms' was another that stood out for me; the slower tempo and very sinister vocal intonation makes this such a great track and the slower pace means you can also appreciate the dirty distorted edge on the guitars more fully, probably my favourite track of the release.


'Black Magic Fire' opens on excellent guttural moans and has some superb guitar work in the latter part of the second half while 'Baphomet's Revenge' is the shortest at less than three minutes and is also one of the fastest tracks, although there is a midpoint tempo drop.

In complete contrast the next track, 'Funeral Pyre', is the longest and has a slower more blackened plodding pace, aside from some brief Slayer-esque riffs. I love the vocals which are deeper and very sinister across this track, also a standout track.

'Faces Of Death (His Satanic Shadow)' is another superb, hugely atmospheric track. After a haunting opener it breaks into a high speed, riff fest with manically fast vocals to match, Midway there is a sinister, dirty drop-away and the vocals take on two personalities, accompanied by haunting guitars that have a great distorted edge to them. 'Through The Darkness' has excellent dark riffs and dirty rhythms and bad attitude.

'Anneliese' begins on a sinister and hauntingly diabolical opener overlaid with great guitars, then the drums arrive, a tirade of crashing cymbals and pounding rhythms accompanied by some of the most hair raising, deep and sinister vocals of the release.

'Wolf's Hour' is another fast tempo, intense offering. If I hadn't been impressed with this release already I would be now. The final track, 'One And One Is One' features guest lead-guitar guest spot from the phenomenal Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate, ex-Volbeat, Force Of Evil), putting a whole new slant on this brutally sinister track.

The cover artwork and album layout for 'Black Magic Fire' was designed by computer-game graphic designer Stefan Hansson, also responsible for the album cover on Crucifyre's debut full-length.

'Black Magic Fire' was recorded, mixed and mastered at X-Level Studios, one of Sweden's top recording studios, that has also worked with artists as broad ranging as Lady GaGa, ABBA and Roxette!! Oddly enough!

Additional recordings were also made at Phall Studios, Stockholm, Sweden and the album was mastered at The Tool Shed, Stockholm, Sweden. Anyone who enjoys bands such as Bathory, Possessed or Necrophobic should love this.

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