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'Torture Tactics' EP

jools green

Jools Green

reign of fury

Formed by Jesper Strӧmblad (ex In Flames) in 2011, the Gothenburg/Stockholm death Metal quintet The Resistance, joined by vocalist Marco Aro (ex The Haunted and Face Down) Glenn Ljungstrӧm on guitars (ex-In Flames, Hammerfall) and Chris Barkensjӧ on drums (ex Contrstucdead, Carnal Forge) along with Robert Hackemon on bass, could well be considered a super group and if their 2013 EP 'Rise From Treason' and debut full length 'Full Length Scars' are anything to judge them by, they certainly seem to meet the criteria.

Determined not to lose any ground, they are back with a new EP 'Torture Tactics' and if you are unfamiliar with the sound don't expect Swedish melo-death as it couldn't be further from it. It's a very in-your-face, aggressive old school Swedish death Metal which gives a passing nod to Entombed or Dismember.

It's tight as hell, pure aggression with thrashy rhythms, heavy distortion and a punk/hardcore edge particularly in the vocal and percussion department, the latter offering straightforward, heavy pounding drum work that is as complex as needed but without any overly crazy fills.

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The EP consists of ten tracks in total, six new offerings and four from the two previous releases and the first listen through demonstrates how much their sound has progressed, the new tracks all being much more compact and concise and although I like the older tracks, I like the newer ones even more.

Opening fast and aggressively with a huge vocal roar, the hardcore influenced 'For War', has a typical anthem-like repeat vocal line: "For death we wish, for war we pray!", making it, I am sure, a future live favourite.

reign of fury

'Dead' has a very Swedish up tempo death Metal chugging groove to begin, made all the more brutal by Marco's powerful vocalisations; the later part of the track does drop away to more of a hardcore pace and feel. The drum work throughout is precise and powerful but cuts a particularly brutal swathe through 'Cowards', with impressive effect, showing a hint of just how technical Chris Barkensjӧ can be.

The final two new tracks, the fast tempo 'Deception' with its catchy riffing and pummelling fast drum work and the even faster and shorter 'The Burning' are both short sharp shocks coming in at way under the two minute mark. Final new track, 'Dying Words' is more of an extended outro in comparison to its predecessors, is a very reflective instrumental.

The bonus tacks consist of 'Slugger' (from 'Rise From Treason') a superbly aggressive track with a strong hardcore influence, 'Expand To Expire' (from 'Scars'), fast and furious old school Swedish death Metal. 'Face To Face' (from 'Rise From Treason') where aggressive vocals are balanced by a strong melody and 'I Bend - You Break' (from 'Scars') which has a very noticeable hardcore edge.

'Torture Tactics' is, across its entirety, a great listen.

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