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'Boned Boxed And Buried'
(Xtreem Music)

jools green

Jools Green

nailgun massacre

'Boned Boxed And Buried', the second full length following their 2011 debut 'Backyard Butchery' from Dutch old school death Metallers Nailgun Massacre, is one of the most superbly sick albums it has been my joy to listen to in quite some time, if not ever!

Soundwise the quintet are reminiscent of Autopsy, Obituary and Asphyx with the dark horror gore of Necrophagia or The Grotesquery but the sum if these particular parts add up to so much more.

You have classic death Metal riffing, a thick, dirty edge to the sound, gut wrenching, vomit inducing, death Metal vocals and just enough melody to give it a catchy edge, but the winning element for me is the lyrics and how they are delivered.

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The vocals are not fully legible, just enough to get the general gist of the story line. They descend regularly into a lot of snarling, growling, retching and choking of revolting proportions but this is what, for me, makes it so good. I can only begin to imagine how much fun they had recording this.

Clearly they take the music seriously but not themselves and I find that so refreshing and joyous. The only mystery for me was that it sounded like two vocalists but only one was credited.

This surprisingly palatable offering consists of eleven tracks spanning forty-four minutes and even the song titles amused me hugely. Maybe I am just death and gore obsessed but either way I think they are hilarious.

The album opens with 'Where's The Head?' and initially it sounds like a classic styled death Metal song with chugging riffs and "Van Drunen-esque" vocals with a hint of "Reifert retching" for good measure, largely illegible but you get hints from the title repeat that there is more going on here than you realise and the whole thing is nicely garnished with thrashy squeals.

'Boned, Boxed And Buried' has you hooked right from the deathly diabolical opening riffs, with a storyline that is reminiscent of something by The Grotesquery and a catchy vocal repeat of "Boned, boxed and buried!", the second half dropping briefly to doom laden pace overlaid by squealing guitars closing with the return of those great riffs; an utterly superb track.

The mood changes totally for 'Stinky Stench', the tempo lifting to a mid pace with a catchy repeat riff, d-beat and here the vocals are almost completely indecipherable but still superb. Pace wise 'I Bury The Hatched In Your Face' continues in the same vein as its predecessor, but the deranged vocals are clearer and so there's no mistake where they want to bury that hatchet.

The terror filled, darkly ominous intro, overlaid by spoken lyrics on 'Meat Locker' is such a superb scene setter, building with militaristic drum beats, female screams and beastly laughs, a track that stands out as being a little different for its abundance of atmosphere building, story rich, spoken lyrics, ending on a sample of that favourite crooner tune, "I've got you under my skin".

The concept behind the crushing 'Nailgun Messiah' is pretty self explanatory in its title, a real METAL track, in fact. 'Casket Full Of Fun' is one of the more legible tracks with great second half guitar work and an amusing story of a lascivious clown, a magician and his wife... with a sinister warning!

'The Doctor And The Beast' has great tempo switching, one minute a mid-paced d-beat the next a crushingly slower, ominous one while 'Mad Road Killer' is a predominantly up tempo track, liberally laced with the now expected lunacy, dropping away midway for a spoken ominous segment expressing a sense of impending doom.

Penultimate track, the brief instrumental 'What's In The Box?' is a piano led rendition of a classic funeral march, setting things up nicely for final offering, 'Lower Me Down', the album's longest at almost eight minutes and as a result it is a slower paced, dark builder of sinister proportions with a lot of spoken lyrics delivered in a deranged fashion, but at this point I would expect no less. Midway there's a eulogy sound-bite after which the mood changes to one of reflective melancholy with a fittingly distorted and moody guitar solo and a tolling bell to close.

I love this album, if you haven't guessed that already. Nothing has put such a huge and painful smile on my face as this in quite a while, if ever, and by all accounts the debut 'Backyard Butchery' is of the same ilk so my mission now is to track that down and if possible see these guys live. This is superb, fun beyond words!!!

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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