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'I Will Get Your Soul'
(Cimmerian Shade Recordings)

jools green

Jools Green


'I Will Get Your Soul', the follow up to the second full length, 2012s 'Suffering Is The Seed' from Colombian death/black metallers Nepente, does more than the title suggests. It also knocks you to the ground, searing the flesh from your face, unleashing a savage, sonic assault on your auditory system.

It's just four tracks but that is more than enough to get the job done, particularly if like me you are unprepared and allow the mellow fifty second acoustic opener to lull you into a false sense of security on the opening and title track, 'I Will Get Your Soul', which switches from mellow to face ripping in the blink of an eye without so much as a shout of "Take Cover!"

It's a superb blend of high speed riffing and brutal growls; the later part of the track does ease off on the intensity, making way for a great solo and a crushing, slower close.

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You get two levels of vocals, ground shaking growls that are utterly splendid and higher, ear searing screams which are well delivered and sit well next to the deeper vocals. I like both but prefer the deeper, they are brutal and as Metal as it gets, as well as being legible enough to get the general idea regarding the lyrics. I suspect they are both delivered by Jose Fernando Ospina as only one vocalist is listed.

'Show Me That You Are Suffering' opens on intense blackened riffing and demented screams, flipping around after a minute to brutal growls and a death groove. This format repeats across the track giving a great, two way interaction feel to the track, closing on a bloodcurdling scream.


With 'Gray Land', one minute it has a "Chris Barnes" feel to it, particularly in the sinister vocal intonation and delivery, the next, a melodic death groove, then an intensely manic, black Metal aspect. Crazy but it works and keeps you interested with the bonus of another great thrashy closing solo.

'Last Rites' has a ferocious, high speed and intense opener, but the tempo ebbs away to an oppressive, slow one, but not quite reaching doom like proportions and is completed with a great squealing, thrashy guitar solo after the midpoint before returning to the fast and ferocious, which has good high speed riffs running over the top, tailing off with the screams taking on more of a vitriolic hiss to the close with repeated screams of "Last Rites!"

All the music is written by guitarist Pablo Vasquez and the lyrics by vocalist Jose Fernando Ospina with additional rhythm and lead guitars by Victor Hugo "Tormento". 'I Will Get Your Soul' was recorded at Manizales Studio (Manizales Colombia) and mixed/mastered at Hertz Recording Studio (Bialystock, Poland) by none other than Slawomir and Wojciech Wieslawski, which is always a sign of Metal excellence.

There is no video but several of tracks are streaming via their label's website ( for your listening pleasure:

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