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'The Devil Inside'
(Gods ov War/Old Temple)

jools green

Jools Green


Two years after I reviewed 'Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors' by Polish death Metal band Embrional here on MetalTalk, an album which absolutely blew me away, I find myself reviewing their new brutal full-length 'The Devil Inside'.

Still with Marcin Sienkiel on guitars and vocals, Rychu "Vermin" Sosnowski also on guitars and Kamil Barcichowicz (Camillvs) covering drum duties but with a minor line up change with session bassist Kriss Michalak covering bass duties for this release.

The good news is that I am as blown away with 'The Devil Inside' as I was with its predecesso. It's a monstrous offering of twelve face ripping death Metal tracks that are skilfully crafted with a complex technical edge to the riffing and pummelling blastbeats that sit alongside some hypnotic and skilfully off kilter rhythms and the vocals are a brutal match also, a mix once again of roaring growls and screams, the overall combination of which doesn't get much sicker.

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The opening intro, 'The Devil Inside' is a real scene setter. A creaking door opens onto strange squeals, moans and screams, then a sinister silence is punctuated with a distant screaming violin setting things up perfectly for the arrival of 'Evil's Mucus', fast soaring riffs punctuated with pummelling drum work and some punchy technical edged guitars all overlaid by Marcin's rasping growls. Just after midpoint there is a brief drop-away, picking up temporarily before a second, longer one garnished with sinister, slower vocals and manic screams.

'Funeral March' opens on slower melancholic riffing and drum work, with deep oppressive vocals, opening out into a superb extended discordant squealing solo that becomes more haunting and melancholic as it progresses, at the end of which the tempo picks up briefly before descending into punchy, off kilter riffing, the closing growl descending into an extended blood curdling gargle; a superb track and one of my favourites of the release.

'The Abyss' has intense and hypnotic, well punctuated riffs throughout with the tempo elevating in the second half while 'Sadness' is a brief but beautifully haunting guitar led instrumental and interlude before the arrival of the bleak and moody, mostly slower paced, 'In Darkness' which is punctuated with swathes of intense drum work and crushing riffing and later on superb off kilter yet punchy riffs and pummelling drum work. This track was posted as a pre release single/teaser and can be viewed and enjoyed at the bottom of the review.


The brutal onslaught continues with 'Behind The Mask Of Sanity' with its punchy, punctuated riffs and superb midpoint solo. Fast and intense from the offset, '910' has some great guitar work before the midpoint, heavily punctuated with precise yet pummelling drum work throughout and ground shaking growls, the guitar work talking on a technical off kilter edge towards the close, mirrored superbly by the drums.

The haunting opener on 'Madman's Curse' is succeeded by crushing riffs and ground shaking vocals, the slower, oppressively powerful pace superseded in the second half by a great solo and some high speed, off kilter riffing; a superb track. Tempo and mood wise, 'Callousness' flows on almost seamlessly after its predecessor, one of the shorter tracks of the release but it still has room for great punchy riffing and drum work.

A soundbite opener of swarming bees, over a simple guitar repeat makes it even more crushing when the main body of sound kicks in fully on 'Venom', a track with sudden tempo and mood switches that are swift and stunningly effective, with a hint of Decapitated to the sound at times; another huge favourite with me.

Final track, 'Whores, Drugs And Brain Dead' is fast and punchy and is also the wild card of the release because the vocals are completely different and the guitars are a bit thrashier, with great latter part shredding. I actually thought it was a cover to begin with but all the music and lyrics on this release are by 'Embrional' leaving me even more impressed than I already was; a superb and surprising closing track.

It makes sense not to fiddle around with a winning formula too much and so the album was again recorded, mixed and mastered at Warsaw's Sound Division Studio, once again with the help of sound engineer Arek "Malta" Malczewski and the album's artwork was by Mariusz Krajewski who was also responsible for 'Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors' artwork and as a result 'The Devil Inside' is a work of technical and brutal excellence.

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