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'An Oath Of Blood And Fire'
(Godz Ov War/Third Eye Temple)

jools green

Jools Green

triumvir foul

'An Oath Of Blood And Fire', the debut release from the death Metal duo from Portland Oregon Triumvir Foul, was originally independently released as a limited run of 100 hand numbered cassettes and as digital release in 2014 but due to popular demand is now rereleased as a limited 7" vinyl.

Although 'Triumvir Foul', consisting of Ad Infinitum on strings and vocals and Cedentibus covering the drums, are a new project. The duo are also both members of seasoned underground black Metal bands Ash Borer and Urzeit and turn their hand to old school death Metal with great ease and versatility.

There is a classic dirty edge to the sound, utterly insane guitar solos that run amok across the tracks, drum work that is concise, straightforward and that does all that is necessary and the vocals are a rugged, gargling growl with an icy edge, with that distant "we have locked the vocalist in the other room" sound, which I rather like and all this gives overall, a very organic feel to the final product.

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The four track, fifteen minute offering begins with 'The Vacuum Of Knots' which grabs your attention with its well varied tempo, icy vocal blasts and a brutal sound and totally wins you over with the first of the insane solos, towards the close.

Slower and more doom like to open, 'Abhorrent Depths', takes a full minute to build and when it does it does with vengeance, crazy spiralling riffs, pummelling drum work and vocals that cut through like a buzz saw.

'Silence Continuum' has seriously addictive, dirty and sleazy groove that reoccurs across the length of the track that will stay in your mind long after the EP has finished, that's if you can tear your mind away from that crazy solo work.


Final track, the sinister 'Embalmed', is an Autopsy cover from their 1989 debut full length 'Severed Survival' which seems a very fitting choice, is very well executed and true to the original, which is a good thing, a classic like this should never be messed with; a great end to the EP.

'Triumvir Foul' are working on an album to be released on Blood Harvest Records later this year, but meanwhile 'An Oath Of Blood And Fire' is a tantalising insight as to just what that might entail.

The limited edition 7" vinyl is available from or as a digital download from Triumvir Foul's bandcamp page.

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