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jools green

Jools Green


The self titled debut full length from Arizona's technical black Metal quartet Singularity is clearly one the band have been working steadily towards for several years. It follows three demos released between 2011-2013; a few tracks from which were chosen to appear on this album, along with a single released in 2013, 'The Ascension', which is also featured.

I profess to know very little about this particular sub genre; it's a small but growing one and I could, in my curiosity, only find forty or so bands listed and those were predominantly from the USA also, none of whom I have heard material by so my lack of knowledge means I have no bench mark with which to measure them against but viewing them and their album as a standalone entity, I am seriously impressed.

The ten track, fifty one minute offering is a fast and exciting listen. They have taken as inspiration lyrical concepts encompassing space, black holes and civilization and these themes sit well with the technical edge to their sound. Some tracks lean more towards technical Metal and some are decidedly more blackened but all are very listenable and certain elements of many of the tracks, the black Metal aspects, put me in mind of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Vesania.

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The harsh black Metal vocals are great, a mix of deep growls and a higher vitriolic hiss that have a lot of clarity and comprehensibility to their delivery and complement surprisingly well the high speed of technical Metal elements and the blackened and at times haunting lilt to the keyboard work.

There were some clean backing vocals, which were mostly OK but I am notoriously picky with any clean vocals. The technical guitar work is excellent, complex and fast without being over the top or losing any clarity complemented by great drum and bass work.

I enjoyed the whole album but there were several standout tracks for me. The opening track, 'A Withdrawal Of Salvation', which featured on the third demo of the same name made a big impact on me and is possibly my favourite of all the tracks. I it seemed to have, amongst its many great points, the best balance between black and technical with a superb closing solo and I was seriously blown away by it.


The instrumental, 'Remnant Of Stellar Evolution', leant more in a technical direction but was a superb piece of ear candy. It's only two and a half minutes long but had a good flow to its sound and a superb second half guitar work that was matched by insanely fast drum work.

Also from the third demo, 'Spacetime Devourment', was another standout offering, less blackened than its demo mate but just as sublime on the ear; a superb dark and haunting keyboard segment midway followed by equally great guitar solo and the deeper vocals, whilst good everywhere, really had the edge here.

Also catching my ear was 'Monolith', a slower track with higher profile keyboards that have a very dark haunting lilt to their arrangement which really appealed to me.

'Throne Of Thorns', also a very dark offering, caught my attention because of the somewhat different dirty edge to the opening guitars. It has a slightly slower tempo, here the vocals are very broad ranging and after a midpoint drop away the keyboards take on the sound of violins.

And finally, 'The Ascension', the 2013 single which preceded this release, with its crushing opener that expands into superb spiralling riffs, with backing cleans on the latter part of this track that have well layered harmonies to them and that balance well alongside the rapid technical guitar work.

I am seriously won over by both the concept of this genre and by 'Singularity' and their sheer technical mastery but a warning to any bands of this genre heading my way; you will have a lot to live up to as these guys have set the bench mark pretty high.

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