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'Die Evil'
(Metal Blade)

jools green

Jools Green

satans wrath

Satan's Wrath continue with their foot firmly slammed down on the accelerator for their third road-trip to Hell, 'Die Evil', the latest brainchild of sulphur-throated multi-instrumentalist Tas Danazoglou.

The album was recorded at guitarist Stamos' 210 Studios in Berlin, ensuring they are in full control of the overall sound, keeping that dirty edge to the guitars and the "recorded in the bathroom" sound to Tas' rasping gargle style vocals as well as a sinister echo which, although distorting the definition, adds a delightfully dark edge, essential factors to maintaining the sinister ambiance of their trademark sound and for this diabolical offering they are joined once more by "V" on guitars and Kostas on drums.

Satan's Wrath, soundwise, continue to deliver a modern day approach to 80's underground Metal that's both full tilt and face-ripping. If you imagine a lethal mix of early Venom, Slayer, the disturbingly unhinged elements of Possessed and the manic aspects of Destruction, that would take you pretty close, all delivered in their hard driving, malevolent, dirty style and 'Die Evil' is probably the fastest of their three releases to date.

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'Die Evil' is a nine track offering spanning a concise thirty minutes, so no messing around here, just pedal to the Metal, dirty, black n' thrash, opening with 'Raised On Sabbaths' which starts well with a superb of opener of diabolical riffing and poignantly phrased drum work, panning out into a superb track with a galloping pace and sinister intonation as well as superb second half shredding. The excitement continues with the fast, furious and fun 'Satanic War', with more superb shredding and fluent tempo and direction changes.

'Diabolical Shudder' has pummelling drum beats and hypnotic riffs of break neck proportions and midway through the a second half shred, the underlying tempo takes a brief drop, taking on a head turning groove, repeated again just before the close followed by a pummelling finish. Title track 'Die Evil' is one of those great numbers where the sound grows and rushes at you like an oncoming train, heavily garnished by the obligatory shredding.

satans wrath

'Coffinlust' may be one of the shorter tracks coming in at under three minutes and slower in tempo but it is one of the catchiest, with severely addictive riffs and slightly more legible vocals. The closing solo is slower by recent standards but still superb; my favourite track of the release.

'Dead Of The Shallow Graves' has a very slow sinister opener, heavily laced with squealing guitars but the pace is soon up to break neck speed, revisiting that slower, groovier, opening riffing again midway through before some finger aching shredding to close. The simple yet effective 'At The Strike Of Twelve' has a catchy repeat riff running through length the track and more great shredding. What more can you ask?

Another standout track for me 'A Mindless Servant Of Satan' opens on repeat riff overlaid by extensive drum work and had superbly fluid tempo and direction change making it an intriguing and engaging listen and yes, there's shredding, lots of it. Determined to go out with a bang, final track 'Castle Of Torment' is a full tilt, audio onslaught but is still fits in great tempo switching and one final dose of shredding mayhem.

'Die Evil' continues in the same consistently crazy vein as its two predecessors. If you loved those then equally you will love this and if you haven't heard them, what the hell have you been doing for the last four years? Go listen... NOW!!!!

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