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jools green

Jools Green


Danish Metal outfit Encyrcle describe their sound as "Nocturnal Speed Metal" on this, their debut self titled release, an intriguing concept which suggests that they don't sit comfortably in any one genre. It certainly makes an interesting listen and brought a smile to the face of this Metal fan whose tastes are usually more extreme.

It thankfully goes beyond the limitations of speed Metal; there is a lot of fast playing, as their description would suggest, but they can also successfully deliver at a slower pace, also encompassing the expected solos, that manifest at times as knife edge shredding, vocals that are definitively old school Heavy Metal, powerfully delivered and even a hint of black and thrash to the riffing.

The album is a well composed and performed, eleven item offering, spanning a busy and exciting forty -seven minutes, building with the moody intro 'Chronoboros', before bursting straight into the galloping paced 'To The End' and the first taste of the vocals, a catchy track with speed riffing that is fast without being ridiculously so.

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I am not normally nostalgic but 'Evoke The Night' took me back to my teens, listening to Judas Priest in my bedroom; it has that old school groove to the sound and is one of my favourites of the album.

Opening on a barrage of drum work and a scream of "Alright!!", 'Bloodbasker' pans out into a high speed black 'n' thrash tinged offering with thrashy solo work midway and the high vocals manifesting a deranged air to them, plummeting in pace briefly in the final minute for extra drama, then a chance to catch your breath with the brief 'En Trance', a wonderfully dark and moody instrumental.

Craziness and manically high screaming return with 'Dizzy Me Deadly', which takes a while to reach full speed, taking a few interesting twists and turns in its direction before it does, with a nice slice of high speed lead work in the latter part to complete it.


Another instrumental, the dark and haunting, 'Serpent's Dream' this time piano led, with precise pacing from the drums, adding variety and texture to the overall package, its pace and mood reflecting initially in the next track, 'Deathlust', on which I love the bleak moody quality of the extended opener which takes a full two and a half minutes before it makes way for a faster pace, again strongly black 'n' thrash influenced, another track that sat well with me. It's followed by a return to classic Metal riffing and screaming on mid paced 'Facelasher', with some nifty mid point lead work.

Longest track of the album at eight and a half minutes, 'Black Dust', opens on reflective keyboards, and builds gradually in increments over and expended period, then once the guitar work kicks in the pace does flip from speed Metal to black 'n' thrash elements but after its predecessors I expected something more, given the lengthy duration. A listenable track but not quite as engaging as the previous offerings.

'Obliteration Eyes' also has a strong black 'n' thrash edge to construct made entertainingly cheesy with the over the top old school Heavy Metal vocals, a great ender the album.

This may not be what I would normally listen to, but it's a well crafted offering that kept me entertained end to end, well worth a listen.

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