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Exile, Plymouth
8th June 2015

jools green

Jools Green


The very notion of having such a notoriously loud band like Conan in Plymouth's most intimate basement venue, Exile, which has a comfortable capacity of about ninety at a guess, was an occasion not to be missed.

It also would have been merciless to thrust their volume onto the assembled masses immediately.

Luckily Plymouth's death/sludge/doom Metal six piece Warcrab, always a popular choice, were on hand to prepare our ears for the pending onslaught.

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A band guaranteed to draw a good sized crowd, as well as half filling the venue themselves, they delivered a well executed set, opening on 'Ashes Of Carnage' from their most recent release of the same name and 'In This Iron Tomb', 'Scourge Of Usurpers' and 'Lay All To Waste' from said album, as well as three new tracks, 'Conquest', 'Bury Me Before I'm Born' and 'The Scars Of Aeons' which also went down a storm.

A great performance, as always, by these local legends.


Bringing the intensity up a little more were support band Khost, the experimental Metal duo from Birmingham and it was very much a full sensory performance from them.

In that confined space you experienced their set not just from an audio perspective but physically, particularly if you sat on the floor, as I did, to enjoy their performance.

And had the venue been big enough to support it a visual backdrop or a slide show or similar would have nicely garnished what was an intriguing and very avant-garde performance. Their set including works from their new album, 'Corrosive Shroud'.


I stepped outside the venue onto the street briefly for a breath of fresh air, although the venue was better ventilated and nowhere near as hot for this visit and I knew immediately that CONAN had begun their set as the pavement beneath my feet started to rumble and vibrate, the volume rising steadily as I descended the stairs back to the basement venue as they opened their blistering set with 'Crown Of Talons'.

Their crushingly loud but impressively good set continued and included 'Hawk As A Weapon', the stunningly good 'Foehammer' and 'Satsumo'. Their performance literally sucked you into their blistering hypnotic groove and demonstrated that there is so much more to doom than just playing slowly.

Overall a superb and well attended evening's entertainment and Conan were the loudest band I have heard for quite some time, if ever, certainly in a space so small.

I think it will take a while for my ears to recover.

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