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jools green

Jools Green

dying humanity

'Deadened' is the fourth full length studio release in eleven years from German melodic death Metal quintet Dying Humanity and like its predecessor, 2011s 'Living On The Razor's Edge' which told the story of a woman's existence in the shady side of life, 'Deadened' also has a concept, this time exploring aspects of mental illness.

There is a change in the dynamics on 'Deadened' with the arrival of new vocalist Marcus Friedrich, who replaced Marcus Dietzsch. Vocally his growl isn't quite as deep but he has more clarity in his delivery and has brought a lot to the table as he has also had a large involvement in the song writing process.

The line-up is also joined by a new bassist, Maximillian von Mϋller. The loss of the former bass player and vocalist had caused a delay in the completion of this release but the final result hasn't been affected.

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The album, which was recorded at Jörg Uken's Soundlodge studio, (drummer for Mandrake, Nightfall and Nocta), also used by God Dethroned and Dew Scented, is a ten track offering that is mid to fast tempo and at times quite complex in its arrangement, manifesting as a listen that is intense, yet melodic and often catchy.

The two standout tracks for me are title track 'Deadened' which builds well into an up tempo offering with riff work that is memorable and I love the contrast between the harsh growls and the spoken vocals. The sound-bite speech is amusing also followed by good lead work in the second half of the track and 'Beyond Redemption' which has some great melodic lead work, catchy riffing by the bucket load, all before a second half drop away, building back up for an intense yet melody rich finale.

dying humanity

Also meriting a mention are 'Feed Him To The Lions' with its great closing lead work, 'Ashes Of Destiny' also with nice mid-point lead work and second half pummelling drum work, 'Devious Greed' which has the most brutal growling of the album, contrasting all the more sharply with the melodic lead work and the final track 'Bloodshot Eyes' with its punchy riffs.

The wildcard track which really took me by surprise was 'Oblivion', a guitar led instrumental of five and a half minutes, the first half melodic and reflective, the pace ramping to an intense crushing one for the second half, dropping away again for the final thirty seconds to the close. I was quite surprised to find such a long instrumental and kept expecting vocals at any moment but, saying that, it works very well as an instrumental.

'Deadened' is overall quite a good listen.

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