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jools green

Jools Green

dew scented

German death thrashers Dew Scented continue with their tradition of only having full length album titles beginning with the letter "I" with their tenth release, Intermination'. It's also the second for me to review, having covered 2012s excellent 'Icarus', naturally I was keen to see how this compared.

As you would hope, it's more thrash tales, exploring themes of violence, anger and the decay of society, consisting of thirteen substantial offerings spanning forty-six minutes.

Opening with 'Declaration Of Intent' - and don't let the name fool you - the real declaration of intent, which is to give the listener a full on, face ripping experience, comes after this little reflective instrumental with the arrival of the crushing and fast 'On A Collision Course' with its intense second half guitar break. The intensity is maintained with 'Scars Of Creation' which has a superbly sinister repeat riff that makes your hair stand on end.

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Superb midpoint solos are "de rigueur" on 'Affect Gravity', 'Means To An End' and 'Ode To Extinction', which also has a crushingly addictive, underlying groove and also on 'Demon Seed', although it's a little more compact here.

Although I found the whole album a very listenable offering, a couple of tracks just caught my interest a little more. The first was 'Power Surge' which opens on a couple of "in your face", powerful roars. I was drawn to the punchy addictive repeat that permeates the length of the track and lovely latter part lead work and dramatic finale.

'Ruptured Perpetually' has another great repeat riff, variants of which fill the length of the track, with a nice second half guitar break which is prominent to start but fades into the background and sits alongside the riffs as the track heads to its close.

Also grabbing my attention was 'Living Lies', slower with a dark, punchy feel to the riffing, along with a haunting groove in places and even the guitar breaks are haunting; also you get two on this beauty of a track.

Machine gun riffing and complementary higher profiled bass lines grace the opening, reappearing again in the second half of the predominantly up tempo 'Atavistic', which I was also very drawn to. There are a couple of dramatic drop-aways, the first garnished with some particularly vitriolic vocals, heralding a stunning midpoint shred. A superb track.

The crushing 'Reborn' has some cleaner but still angry, punk edged vocals alongside the harsher rasps, adding variety and interest and a haunting guitar break just after the midpoint.

'Radiation Sickness', a Repulsion cover, stays true to the original, a bit more density to the sound and obviously a sharper production than the 1989 original from the classic 'Horrified' full length. A good rendition.

I think that Dew Scented have managed to maintain the high standard of their previous releases with 'Intermination'. It's a good listen.

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