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'Cannibal Crematorium'
(Pulverised Records)

jools green

Jools Green

bone gnawer

Another of Metal's multi project maestros, Kam Lee, is back with his second release of the year, hot on the heels of his third The Grotesquery release, 'Curse Of The Skinless Bride', which came out in April and I am still reeling from the excitement of that superb offering.

With more horror and gore, this time in the shape of the long awaited second Bone Gnawer release, 'Cannibal Crematorium', although since 2009s excellent 'Feast Of Flesh' there have been a myriad of EP's and splits to keep our carnivorous palates happy.

Kam, covering vocals, is once again joined by Ronnie Bjornstrom on guitars as well as bass and Morgan Lie on drums. Kam is also assisted by an impressive army of guests on an eleven track forty two minute offering that's a mid tempo slice of fun yet ferocious, death Metal, generously garnished with more than a side order of dead catchy riffs.

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All of the tracks make a superb listen and would easily all stand alone on their own merits, beginning with 'Anthropophagist Inferno' which sets the scene, a full two minute sound-bite intro, a newscast with a backdrop of screams, howls and other unearthly noises to put a smile on your face then straight into 'Modern Day Cannibal' (featuring Sly Goregnome of Fondlecorpse), an intense battery of drums, and riffs with Kam's deep, ground shaking and expressive vocal style cutting through like a jagged knife and Sly adding a nice vitriolic edge to the vocal sound.

Next 'Chainsaw Carnage' (featuring Adam Scott and Tom Knizer of Cardiac Arrest) and after a quick blast from a chainsaw the rest of the carnage is left to the ripping riffs, which have a devastating density to them. They are kept simple but very effective and the vocals are overkill also with an excellent layering to them.

'Horrors In The House Of Human Remains' (featuring Matt Witchclan of Deadman's Blood and Witchclan) is an interesting piece made more so as multitalented Matt's current, mentioned projects are both solo efforts but he fits into this crushing offering superbly, a classic death Metal piece which has superb catchy repeat riffs and an expected sinister leaning.

On 'Chawed, Mauled & Gnawed' (featuring Noel Kemper of Gruesome Stuff Relish and Altar Of Giallo) the pounding opening pace soon elevates following a ground shaking roar. This track has a great repeat riff and a couple of lead segments which add an exhilarating touch.

The album's wildcard track has to be 'Il Sesso Bizzarro Di Cannibali' (featuring Miss Desideria Gabreiella Annuziata) a hypnotic rhythm with demonic growls, reverse speech and Latino female spoken elements all are drawn together to create this very different, fascinating listen which breaks thing up a bit giving you a welcome respite from that much loved but intense onslaught.

The death and gore returns with 'Chrome Skull' (featuring Vincent Crowley of Acheron) which has a good pummelling pace and effectively drawn-out vocalisations.

'Below A Murder Of Carrion Crows' (featuring Patrick Bruss of Crypticus) opens, not surprisingly... to the sounds of crows, after which the drum battery fires you up and the hypnotic riffing drags you helplessly along for the ride and there's also a nice mid-point change in the riffing.

bone gnawer

In all honesty I can't put a hair between these tracks, they are all so good, but if I had to pick a favourite, under threat of being, say, eaten alive, I would pick 'Carnivore Beneath' (featuring Dave Ingram of Dead Among The Dead Men). Ominous opening riffs, squealing leads, brutal vocal growls that have your hair on your neck standing on end and the riffs have a dark, almost sleazy and uncomfortable edge that is just superb.

Coming a close second is 'Untold Story: Human Pork Bun' (featuring Mark Riddick of Fetid Zombie) because I found the whole concept of the track so entertainingly amusing it gave me a smile that was like a grizzly, ear to ear gash, the slower ominous rhythm which has some great second half lead work added to the overall mental picture.

The punishing onslaught continues right to the end with the excellent title track 'Cannibal Crematorium' (featuring Dany Dead of Dead) opening on very dramatic riffing, the pace picking up after a blood curdling growl, something that is present in magnificent abundance across the whole of this track.

All mixing and mastering duties for 'Cannibal Crematorium' are covered by guitarist Ronnie Bjornstrom and the album cover artwork was conceived by Malaysian illustrator Irwan of Ironworx Gravefix (Deathevoker, Thorns Of Hate etc) and the layout was designed by Silvester Koorevaar of Fondlecorpse fame.

'Cannibal Crematorium' is a superb listen end to end and hugely entertaining as well. It should certainly appeal to fans of Bloodbath, Autopsy and early-Cannibal Corpse or Kam's other superb project, the previously mentioned The Grotesquery and probably not suitable for those of a delicate disposition or those lacking a sense of humour.

The album will be available on CD and limited edition gatefold vinyl, both of which can be pre-ordered at

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