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'The Children Of The Night'
(Century Media Records)

jools green

Jools Green


Drawing inspiration from bands as broad ranging as Dissection, The Misfits, Iron Maiden, The Doors and Type O Negative, this latest offering, their third, titled 'The Children Of The Night', from the Swedish Progressive Death/Black Metal quartet, 'Tribulation', is an interesting one to say the least, not only for this broad influence but because as a band they have strived over all of their three releases to ambitiously push their boundaries in an attempt to develop into a sound that is distinct and unique.

2009s debut full length was a very in your face blackened death offering with a thrashy edge, 'The Formulas Of Death' in 2013 with its occult overtones saw a progressive edge develop, but that dark aggressive black/death element still stood prominent and now with 'The Children Of The Night' there is a huge stride forward with the addition of old school rock and Metal influences and even darkwave elements to their sound, giving a very reflective, entrancing, some would say Goth like quality that is very sophisticated, even beautiful, yet that dark Metal aspect is still there at the heart and it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

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This progression is reflected not only in the sound but also in the lyrical content as well, in the words of the band, their lyrics: "Are mostly about the experience of transcending the mundane world as we know it, they are about approaching the divine, or whatever you choose to call it, and how you go about doing that. Tribulation will always be about, both horror and also religion/spirituality, with a 'necromantic' take on everything... we touch on things in the outskirts of it all, in the periphery."

The ten track, fifty six minute offering, across which I have no favourite, each has its own excellent quality that stands it alone and equal to the other nine and it opens with 'Strange Gateways Beckon' and the first thing that hits you is the haunting and enchanting atmosphere emanating from the dark melody, balanced against the rasping vitriol tinged harsh vocals, completed with two superb guitar breaks.

The tempo changes and elevates for 'Melancholia', a track which is dark yet uplifting, almost folk tinged with that stunning dark, melodic edge once again, an aspect that is part of the very essence of the atmosphere of this release.

The next track, 'In The Dreams Of The Dead', opens in a slow reflective manner but a crescendo of drums herald a swift switch to a "Black and Roll" groove.


The drum prominent opener on 'Winds' immediately stirs something in your inner being and although there is a good rasp to the vocals, here and on all the tracks, the lyrics are clearly definable throughout, another great aspect of this release which actually doesn't have any bad aspects anywhere.

Slower, quite deliberate and dark, with haunting keyboards and short passages that are melancholic and reflective, 'Själaflykt' has a well considered balance to its composition and this haunting instrumental piece of almost six minutes ebbs and flows seamlessly.

'The Motherhood Of God' has a superb opener, haunting riffs alongside drums that build, then the vocals kick in taking it to a whole new level. It's powerful but not in your face and again there is that subtle ebb and flow along with great lead guitar work again in the second half which complements the riffs perfectly.

There is a haunting guitar repeat, eerie keyboards and darkly protracted vocals on 'Strains Of Horror', a slower, yet still powerful track, completed with superb second half haunting lead work.

With each subsequent track more surprises are revealed, none more so than 'Holy Libations' the slow almost jazz like opener could not be more laid back, developing with a rocking build that becomes so dark with the arrival of the well intonated rasping vocals, contrasted with mood lifting lead work and a haunting repeat riff that permeates the whole track followed by the second instrumental of the release, 'Cauda Pavonis', a dark, haunting piano led piece.

Final track and longest track at seven minutes, 'Music From The Other', opens on eerie proggy keyboards that repeat and build expanding out into a haunting repeat riff, overlaid with crashing cymbals followed by a gut wrenching vitriolic vocal roar, a haunting guitar repeat permeates the tracks entirety and the vocals are at their darkest, most protracted and most sinister, ending the album perfectly.

'The Children Of The Night' is a full and moving listening experience that will dig deep and touch the emotions of the listener with its dark opulence, it is utterly superb and I am seriously blown away by it.

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