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'A War Of Souls And Desires'
(Initiate Audio And Media/Plastic Head Distribution)

jools green

Jools Green


UK Metal outfit Krysthla formed from the ashes of UK death Metal/metalcore quartet Gutworm with the addition of Adi Mayes, the former vocalist from the also defunct thrash/groovers Deadeye.

Soundwise this debut full length offering, 'A War Of Souls And Desires', following their three track sampler EP 'A Thousand Points Of Light' released in 2013, takes a very modern approach on Metal encompassing some aspects of traditional Metal, fusing this with breakdowns, technical riffing and groove, along with powerful angry vocals that tear their way through and the final result is a dark sonic onslaught of the unrelenting and innovative sort.

The idea behind the album, in the words of the band is: "This release is set in a more grounded yet ethereal realm as it deals with the darkness within life and forces the listener to question their lives, what they know and what they take for granted. Challenging people's perception of their own existence and how they live their lives is a tough thing to approach as everybody feels perversely safe in their own little grief-hole.

"Things don't, and will never change unless you think outside the box and are prepared to live outside it. The world is more squared than you realise... with the songs themselves focusing on world and political events and the ancient rites attached to them that we as a people in a modern age partake in willingly. With such a deep and expansive subject matter the music had to manifest this in a physical form which naturally led us to the hellish blend of unrelenting heaviness but with texture, colour and groove."

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The album is eight tracks spanning thirty eight minutes with some of the tracks hitting the five to six minute mark but honestly, this album is delivered with such ferocity and intensity with so much going on within each track they didn’t seem that long, in fact you really don't notice that aspect at all, this is time well filled. All tracks are nicely varied and the album seems to get darker the further in you get.

It opens with 'Minority Of One' very up tempo, with a punk rich attitude, a great repeat melody that has a frantic edge, enhanced by a brief but insane chunk of lead work and blasting drum work to close. Next 'Luminosity' and here the bass work has a higher profile, adding a deep sexy groove, made all the better for by some excellent second half lead work.

'H+' has a crazy tempo, crazy spiralling riffs alongside insane angry vocals, a manic track that still manages to harbour a nice bass rich groove beneath the surface and a great haunting second half repeat; a great track. One of my favourites on this release, 'Caged Earth' is a brutal and punchy mix with off kilter guitar elements angry vocal shouts and pummelling second half drum work.


A technical hypnotic groove is balanced against intense chunks of pummelling drums and equally intense riffing on 'By Way Of Deception'. 'The Human Cipher' has sexy bass lines that stalk beneath blasting drum work, a track with a lovely rich deep groove to its construct, complemented by the angry vocals which do have that added bonus of clarity in their delivery of the lyrics, here and on all the tracks and an added surprise of a brief but good, lead breakout in the second half.

'Praise Thee In Flesh' has another appealing mix of groove and pummelling drums, along with midpoint lead work adding extra interest and here it's longer than previous ones so an added bonus, also the introduction of higher screams are added to the latter part vocals adding even more vocal range.

Final track, 'An Ancient Hope', has a superb sinister opener that ramps up to a frantic tempo, garnished with twin vocals consisting of deeper growls and higher screams that are very complementary and crushing drum work balanced against machinegun riffing. The big surprise is when the sound drops away and takes on a slightly more reflective feel with well placed melody in the second half but still hanging on to a brutal edge, cleverly balanced and a great album ender.

'A War Of Souls And Desires' was engineered and mastered by Neil Hudson at Initiate Audio and Media Studios and produced by Neil Hudson and Krysthla and is an exciting and exhilarating listen.

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