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jools green

Jools Green


It was MetalTalk’s absolute pleasure to catch up with Johannes, Adam, Jonathan and Jakob from the Swedish progressive black/death Metal quartet Tribulation who granted us a brief moment of their valuable time just before their first gig of this UK tour at The Junction, in Plymouth.

Jools Green: “Thanks for taking the time to chat, Is this your first visit to Plymouth?

Yes it is.

Your latest album ‘The Children Of The Night’, which came out in April and personally I think is a very consistent and strong album, has it been well received so far with your fans and Metal fans in general, particularly in a live capacity?

Yes it has been received very well live, [the set list] it always changes and it’s always a new programme.

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It also has a very listenable sound, do you think you have gained more new fans as a result?

It has, because of the style, also the label change to Century Media Records attracts fans, because now we are playing live more and that means more people hear the music so it’s the circumstances and also working hard.

There has been a very strong evolution of your sound across your three full lengths, ‘The Horror’, was a very straightforward blackened death offering, the second, ‘The Formulas of Death’ in 2013 which saw the emergence of a progressive element and finally ‘The Children Of The Night’ which encompasses a very broad range of elements resulting in a very unique sound, how did this progression come about, was it intentional?

No, it just happened, on the first album the music that people call progressive was already in the sound but it hadn’t blossomed . Our influences and inspirations are the same as they have always been but the music was written in different periods of our lives, it has been over 10 years since the first album ‘The Horror’.

Lyrically you also have an interesting balance between elements of horror and more transcendent aspects, tell me more about that.

We have always had the same interests, horror was more so on the first but it’s just what inspires us at the time, it’s always been there but it is related to how we feel at the time, what’s current. There is not just one way to interpret the lyrics, one person will see one thing and another something else, so we don’t like to be specific.

Getting into an album is personal to the listener so getting into it in the “right way” doesn’t matter, there is no right way, and it’s just a personal experience.

Tomorrow you begin “The Plague Within UK Tour” supporting ‘Paradise Lost’. Are you looking forward to it?

Yes it’s an opportunity to play bigger shows which is always nice, especially in the UK. We haven’t played much here; this is just our third time this year. It feels good to play in front of a lot more people and it also feels like people here in the UK at the moment appreciate the new album so it’s good to get this opportunity.

You have also squeezed in a couple of your own dates, tonight and Friday, good opportunities to specifically promote, more fully, your newest release ‘The Children Of The Night’?

Yes, we have just come straight from Japan so we figured we would come straight to the UK and not go home to Sweden and make the most of it. We are only here for a week and Friday is always a good day to play live, on these days we can play a longer set and also focus on the new album more.

Over the eleven years as a band who has been your favourite bands to tour with?

It’s always nice to tour with friends, we have been out on tour with Watain, we know them, they are great to tour with, Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse are also great to tour with. It’s good to work with nice people; it makes a big difference if you have a band that care about you as their opening band which is not always an easy position. But every tour always feels like the best so far and it’s always a great experience.

Is there anyone you would like to tour with in the future?

Lots of people; Iron Maiden, Kiss, King Diamond, Morbid Angel, there are plenty of bands, it’s nice to tour with new people but we are there to do our own thing. In two weeks time we are going to the states for a six week tour with ‘Deafheaven’ as their support.

Thanks again for taking time out to chat, any final comment?

It’s nice to be back in the UK. You can get band updates and our full list of tour dates from our Facebook page:

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