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The Junction, Plymouth
29th September 2015

jools green

Jools Green


The Cornish flag waved proudly at The Junction Plymouth for the first of the six gigs of Tribulation’s current UK tour, with both support acts hailing from the sunny shores of Cornwall.

The unenviable privilege of being the opening act, before people have had enough beer to come out of the shadows, went to Cybernetic Witch Cult who describe themselves as a ‘groovaceous’ Metal band whose influences range from doom Metal, 70s rock, stoner rock, space rock and science fiction B movies and who have a lyrical fascination for invasions, time travel, space and cult horror.

A small and subdued crowd nodded in time and appreciation to their five track set consisting of ‘Forbidden Fruit’, ‘Children of the Corn’, ‘Enchantress’,’ Human’ and finally ‘T’Hex’, all delivered with bags of energy and with a very pleasing groove to their sound.

The small crowd of beer huggers wasn’t enough to dampen the enthusiasm of these guys, they are clearly passionate about their music and enjoy what they do. Cybernetic Witch Cult released their debut album 'Morlock Rock' earlier in the year.

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Local support stalwarts Monolithian, a two piece doom/black Metal band from Falmouth consisting of Simon on bass/vocals and Shannon on drums were up next.

The duo, as usual, took no prisoners with their hard hitting and ear shattering performance, especially if, like me you strayed momentarily just that little bit too close to the speakers.

cybernetic witch cult
Cybernetic Witch Cult

Their set this time around consisted of ‘Emaciate-Euthanize’, ‘Barren Sea’, ‘The Mountain Bows To No One’, ‘Shub Niggurath’, ‘Cruithne’ and ‘Sea Of Trees’ and they managed to start to stir the enthusiasm of the gradually assembling crowd.


There was an extraordinary change in the atmosphere the moment the Swedish progressive death/black Metal quartet Tribulation hit the stage, immediately commanding the full attention of everyone, beer now becoming secondary to music and quite rightly so.

Their set, which included a mix from all three albums, opening with ‘Strange Gateways Beckon’ from their superb new album ‘The Children of the Night’. They also played ‘The Vampyre’ from ‘The Horror’, ‘In the Dreams of the Dead’, ‘Melancholia’, the instrumental ‘Cauda Pavonis’ and ‘Winds‘, again from the new album and ‘When the Sky Is Black with Devils’ from ‘The Formulas of Death’.

All of this was delivered as an energetic and passionate performance and of the modest sized but hugely enthusiastic crowd that gathered in this compact little venue, without a doubt, not one went away disappointed .


It was a superb show and an excellent opportunity for Tribulation to focus on so much of their new material.

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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