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'The Red Sect'
(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Out now

jools green

Jools Green

all hell

A year after the release of their debut record, ‘The Devil's Work’ All Hell, the trio from North Carolina, return with their follow-up offering ‘The Red Sect‘.

They are still drawing influences from a broad spectrum of genres including, Thrash, Black Metal, death-rock, and punk and whereas their first release was more or less a straightforward, aggressive, strongly punk edged, Black Metal, this time there has been a real evolution with a rounder and at times, more of a thrashy edge to the sound.

The other notable difference and in my opinion for the better, is the vocals from vocalist/ guitarist Jacob Curwen, who has adopted a more blackened, deeper, growly edge to his delivery, which suits this more defined black ‘n‘ thrash leaning.

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Another noteworthy aspect is that the mixing and mastering has been done by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind, the final result is one that is dark, vicious, and addictively engaging end to end.

The album consists of ten tracks that, as suggested by the title, are a collection of terror filled tales of ritual possession, vengeance, and revolt. It begins with ‘Crossroads’ which after a slow dark haunting opener assumes that up tempo galloping pace that forms the backbone of the track, enthralling you with d-beats, blackened riffs and gravelly vocals. From this first track I immediately felt enthusiastically drawn to the album.

Vitriolic vocals and racing riffs keeps the interest maintained on the almost crusty, thrash punk offering ‘Mass Possession’ with a nicely fluid tempo switch turning more blackened towards the close, garnished with an evil laugh for good measure.

By the time I got to ‘Venomous’ the capabilities of new drummer Kurt Henderson start to become very apparent, hard hitting with impeccable timing and now some great patterns are prominently emerging.

The hugely addictive ‘Blood for the Baron’ will have everyone joining in with its sinister repeat.

Probably my favourite track, although it’s a very difficult decision, is ‘Graveyard Dust’, with its catchy dirty, riffs that chug along with devilish intent and sinisterly delivered lyrics that have terror ingrained in their intonation.

Switching regularly between slower dirty plodding riffs and faster d-beat driven riffing ‘In My Command’ also has the added attraction of a short but sweet, latter part shred.

The punk driven ‘Blackshape’ is short, sharp and to the point at a compact two minutes with a sinister spoken latter part segment and a blood curdling scream.

Predominantly d-beat driven with crusty black riffs, ‘The Unseen’ takes a manic turn toward the close and in places the bass work from Erik Ballantyne breaks out into prominence which is a great touch, completed with more blood curdling screams.

‘Funeral Feast’ has the best drum work of the album towards the close, followed by a great little lead break-out.

all hell

The final title track, ‘The Red Sect’ starts on military drum beats before opening out into punchy, dirty, repeat riff patterns that rise and fall, a brief direction switch for the repeats with sinister spoken vocals toward the end before the riffs become more fluid just before the slower close. The song finishes in a very reflective manner, but making you want to listen all over again, the sure sign of a great album.

‘The Red Sect’ is available as a CD or digital download from

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