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Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil
(ATLHOS Books)
Out now

jools green

Jools Green


A band's lyricist is, in many ways, no different than a poet. Invariably they will write more lyrics than will ever emerge as a full blown track on an album, but that’s not to say they are any less valid or of lesser quality so it makes sense to offer these extra works in the form of a written publication, which is what Russell “Lord Matzigkeitus” Drury of the Canadian Black Metal band ‘Idolatry’ has done.

The volume, consisting of about one hundred and thirty pieces, titled ‘Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil’ is divided into two parts, ‘Part 1: Invocations’ and ‘Part 2: Forced Dripping Consent’.

Some of the poems are actual lyrics from ‘Idolatry’ releases and have already been produced as tracks such as ’Of Myth and Shadow’ which appeared on the band’s four track demo. Another fifteen have been recorded as a spoken word album, ‘Isophillic Dementia Overture’ and no doubt some will appear on future ‘Idolatry’ releases.

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The content across the whole book is dark, intelligently constructed, with a content that is both thought provoking and challenging.

Many of the pieces are inspired by Left Hand Path philosophy, including matters of a more darkly sensual nature, and scattered amongst the dark scribing are a collection of monochrome illustrations by Jan Pysander Whitney that add a powerful visual edge to the already powerful mental imagery conjured in your mind by the written elements.

The photograph to the rear of Lord Matzigkeitus on stage is by Kevin Eisenlord and continues that monochrome theme which adds such a dark and powerful finish to the book.


The abstract nature of the pieces also allows your own imagination to create a very personal mental imagery, something that will be dark and possibly a little warped, particularly from the second part of the volume, but each piece is refreshingly different.

The whole volume is an engaging read but like any piece of art, be it music, painting or writing that is a collection, there will be some that stand out to the individual, for a variety of reasons. One of these here for me is ‘Anachronistic Might Of Spell Casting’, for its dark esoteric content and the well placed use of the French language alongside English giving an even more dark mystical edge.

Others are the superbly empowering ‘Transcendental Keys’, ‘Visions From The Throne Of Eyes’ and ‘Communist Republic Of Christ’ which also demonstrate a sound and extensive knowledge of Left Hand Path philosophy.


‘In Vaulted Attempts At Further Wisdom’ and the superb ‘The Contempt Of Revolving Circumstances’, stopped me in my tracks and demanded my further attention; they were so intriguingly abstract that they actively encouraged my fertile imagination.

The volume also has positive endorsements at the back from members of the Black Metal community; Ash of Nargaroth, Azgorh from Drowning the Light and LG from Black Funeral as well as Idolatry band mate Daemonikus Abominor.

‘Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil’ should be of great interest to anyone with an interest in Black Metal, esoteric poetry or the darker side of the creative arts.


It’s a fascinating read and equally fascinating insight into the mind of Lord Matzigkeitus and is available from

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