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'Edge Of Humanity'
(Dive Bomb Records)
Out now

jools green

Jools Green


Birmingham has been over the years home to some of the UK's finest Metal bands - Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Napalm Death and Anaal Nathrakh, to name a few.

Now joining this ever increasing collective of musical excellence is Thrash Metal quartet 'Eradikator' with their second full length album 'Edge of Humanity'.

Sound-wise there is an unmistakable 80s Metallica influence and adding that extra touch is a production by the legendary Russ Russell.

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'Edge of Humanity' certainly lives up to the expectations of its impressive credentials, offering nine tracks spanning forty-five minutes of fast , intense yet melodic, classically styled, Thrash Metal, enhanced by a crisp modern production.

The Metallica influence is most noticeable in the style of the vocal delivery and the guitar work is generously punctuated with noteworthy riffing, excellent shredding and complemented by unrelenting drum work, the whole package making an engagingly addictive listen end to end.

Opening with 'Astral Body', whose catchy riffs immediately grab your attention, punctuated with generous segments of melodic lead work, which contrasts so well against the rasping and rugged, yet clean and well defined vocals.

It's an absolute blasting first track that has you "chomping at the bit" for more, which you get in the shape of the galloping paced 'Dead Hands of the Past', a track with shreds that will make your head spin.

'Edge of Humanity, is one of my favourite tracks, and that's a difficult choice given the level of consistent excellence here, but I like it because it has such a dark feel. Beginning with its dark sultry opener, it has a slower groove and great vocal harmonies popping up regularly, along with addictive repeat riffs, a great midpoint shred after which the tempo does elevate and it closes on another shred.

'Fortress Unknown' has a more haunting and reflective mood, with great swathes of lead work, again a slower tempo, yet not losing any power as a result. It's an introspective and brooding piece that is enhanced by superb haunting lead work and a punchy element coming from the bursts of pummelling drum work.

The tempo elevates again for 'The Great Deception' with its chunky riffing, a well varied track with tempo that is one moment plodding and deliberate, the next fast and furious. The switching is slick and seamless and completed with shredding that gets faster and faster, a very exciting listen.

The album wild card is the instrumental, 'Kairos Passing', which, after a guitar led, reflective intro, followed by a huge swathe of haunting lead work builds into punchy riffs, pummelling drum rhythms, more lead work, a drop away that has a hint of the progressive, interspersed with more chunks of lead work that become more and more flamboyant as the track progresses.

On the first listen you really don't know what to expect next, I certainly wasn't expecting this to be an instrumental but who needs lyrics when you can have a track like this!


'Man Behind the Mask' has punchy punctuation, a mid tempo offering that chugs along beautifully with addictive repeat riffs and a great second half extended shred. This is followed by 'Mesmerised' with its racy tempo and two chunks of shredding before the first half of the track is over, plus more great lead work in the second half.

Final track 'Seasons of Rage' has an intro that builds as if it's rushing towards you, opening out to a plodding mid tempo and yes, there is shredding also, buckets full and lyrics that have an anthem- like quality to their delivery, along with military drum beats , and a touch of the "diabolical tri-tone" towards the close.

Anyone who hankers after that golden age of 80s Thrash is bound to love this album, it epitomises everything that was great about the era/genre and brings it into the twenty-first century.

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