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'Ways Of Enclosure'
(Memento Mori)
Out now

jools green

Jools Green

dementia 13

Horror obsessed to such an extent are Portuguese Death Metal trio, 'Dementia 13', they have named their band after Francis Ford Coppola's first mainstream directorial film of the same name and continue with the horror inspiration across this debut full length 'Ways of Enclosure'.

Each track takes inspiration from a separate cult horror classic, including Lucio Fulci's 80s horror classic 'The Beyond', Brian Yuzna's 'Return of the Living Dead III' and John Carpenter's 70s cult masterpiece 'Halloween'.

Sound wise their inspiration is old school Death Metal with noticeable influences from Massacre, Bolt Thrower, Death, Morgoth, Benediction and Entombed, with the horror tinged vibe of Necrophagia and Autopsy.

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This results in a grizzly edged, bass rich sound, topped with decipherable guttural growls that have that extended delivery that is, at times, not unlike Chris Barnes, courtesy of guest vocalist Nuno Lima (ex Secrecy).

They don't cover any new ground sonically but the old ground is very well done indeed and because the tracks are all inspired by a broad range of horror films it also serves as a tribute to these classic masterpieces with the whole package completed with artwork by musician and gruesome artist Mark Riddick of 'Fetid Zombie'.

The release, which was preceded by their debut EP in 2013 'Tales for the Carnivorous', consists of nine tracks spanning forty minutes, many of which are garnished with sound bites from the films they are inspired by.

There are quite a few decent chunks of lead work, particularly on opening track 'Beyond the Grave', 'Room 36' and 'Only Whores Die Young', which put me in mind of 'Six Feet Under' not just for the Chris Barnes style vocal delivery but for the dirty repeat riffing with poignant extensions and also 'They Never Found His Body' which reminded me so much of Benediction.

There is an excellent wild card in the shape of 'Halloween' a haunting instrumental which shows the trio in slightly different light with its more modern sound, as it is a Death Metal interpretation on the theme music to John Carpenter's previously mentioned film 'Halloween'.

Of the remaining tracks, 'Orgy of Bloodshed' has a superb addictive repeat riff pattern and drum work which pushes beyond the D–beat that permeates many of the tracks.

'Conceived in Violence' has a predominantly racy, urgent tempo that plummets into a horror filled slower pace. Another instrumental, the slow ,haunting, guitar led 'Nothing in the Dark' opens on a sound bite from 'The Twilight Zone' that debates the dilemma, should the old woman open the door? Scary stuff! I think this old woman is leaving that door closed.

Finally 'Dawn of Chaos' has that ominous impending battle quality of classic 'Bolt Thrower' style riffing with superb shredding in the second half and sound-bite extracts from Lenzi's 'Nightmare City'. 'Ways of Enclosure' is well worth a listen.

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