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(Amazing Recording Co.)
Release Date: March 23rd 2015

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze


Therapy? have delivered a unique brand of music through thirteen releases. They have refused to be defined by labels and ignored the trends that shape musical landscapes. For 26 years they have encompassed bruising power, melodic anthems, chaotic noise, diverse exploration, and undeniable hooks.

The newest offering, 'Disquiet', finds the band returning to more straight ahead song structures and fewer complexities than the two previous albums. Amongst the feelings of anger, despair, and frustration the music swells with a melodic undercurrent filled with memorable anthems.

The pounding and infectious 'Still Hurts' kicks off this eleven-track album. Its delivery is quick and precise. It's a throwback to the blistering opener 'Knives' off the 'Troublegum' album. The melodic and almost poppy 'Tides' follows with a big sing-a-long chorus. This tune should be the next single after 'Still Hurts' as it is a cornerstone of this release.

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'Good News Is No News' works its way from slow haunting verses to a heavy-laden chorus. 'Fall Behind' is another rocker with a fat riff that leads the way.

The dark alternative sounding 'Idiot Cousin' is another standout. The powerful lyrics are woven into the songs fabric creating another brilliant track. The driving bass gives the song its platform while drums provide its direction. Stack the vocals and power punch guitars into the mix and its perfection. Chugging riffs power 'Helpless Still Lost' and the up-tempo rocker 'Insecurity'.

'Vulgar Display Of Powder' is a one-ton hammer with pounding guitars and aggressive attack. The direct lyrics and sharp vocals leave the chorus resonating in your head while 'Words Fail Me' and 'Torment Sorrow Misery Strife' (perhaps my favorite track) are both straight-ahead songs that arethe classic Therapy? sound.

The album comes to a close with a dark atmospheric 'Deathstimate'. Somber lyrics like "the road ahead is shorter than the one behind" plays off the doom thick guitars. Every ounce of emotion is squeezed out of this seven-minute track.

This record returns Therapy? back into the melodic beast they are. 'Disquiet' takes the band almost full circle back to its punk/Metal roots but doesn't lose touch of the growth and experience its endured over the decades. This record is full of clever hooks, anthems, and concise riffs coupled with strong lyrical content. It is one of the most complete albums Therapy? have released in recent years and should be enjoyed for years to come.

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