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'Human Era'
(Frontiers Music)
Out Now

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze


Trixter return with a brand new record entitled 'Human Era'. Full of rocking riffs, catchy melodies, and party anthems reminiscent of the 1980s. This album takes you back to that time but also has some real depth as you dig deeper into the material. It reminds me of the criminally underrated 'Hear!' album from 1992.

Things start fast and furious with 'Rockin To The Edge Of The Night'. The first single mixes classic ingredients that Trixter built itself upon. Slick guitars and polished vocals slipping through the hooked filled melodies. The fun continues with 'Crash That Party' which based on the title should tell you everything you need to know about this rocker.

The infectious chorus of 'Not Like All The Rest' keeps the good times rolling with its gang vocal that makes it an easy sing-along song. Steve Brown rips into 'For You' after a stomping kick drum sets the pace. An obvious Van Halen influenced track.

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'Every Second Counts' starts as if it's a ballad but quickly kicks up dust in the chorus and a power guitar riff in the bridge. A more traditional sounding ballad 'Beats Me Up' gives layers of emotion through the lyrics and musical desperation. It's nothing short of a classic Trixter ballad. A bit of a country/rock feel gives 'Good Times Now' a different flavor and gives ode to the weekend. The straight-ahead 'All Night Long' is another classic sounding song by a band locked into their sound.

My favorite track 'Midnight In Your Eyes' quickly establishes itself on the first note. The opening guitar section instantly pulls you in and holds you captive. The subdued verses give way to the big vocals and chorus. The twin guitar attack that leads into the solo adds another layer of icing. Simply put, one of the best songs Trixter has in their catalog.

'Soul Of A Lovin' Man' lacks the big chorus and rousing backing vocals, but rides a gritty guitar riff and an unmistakable groove with a classic era rock sound. It's dependent solely on the strength of the song and performance without any frills or excess thrown into the mix. Its one of those moments on an album that can fall through the cracks but hopefully is fully appreciated for what it is.

The title track and closer 'Human Era' unites a polished rhythm while stitching in the story of Trixter and the camaraderie that has endured the passage of time. The song hits home on so many levels and wraps the album up with one of the strongest songs on the record.

'Human Era' feels like a complete album, unlike 2012s 'New Audio Machine' that had bits and pieces but felt unfinished. The band still has the passion and drive to be the best Trixter they can be. Not trying to buck trends or create a new persona, they keep it simple and rocking. This record hits all the targets, a true triumph, and a pleasure to listen to.

Trixter are:
Pete Loran – Vocals
Steve Brown – Guitars
PJ Farley – Bass
Mark Gus Scott - Drums

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