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'The Final Cull'
(Scarlet Records)
Release Date: September 18th 2015

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze

one machine

One Machine is once again waving the Metal banner. The brainchild of guitarist/songwriter Steve Smyth (Testament, Nevermore, Forbidden, Dragonlord, Vicious Rumors) has rounded up new players and recorded a new sonic thunder entitled 'The Final Cull'. The album is a product of careful planning, spontaneity, and jamming as a band that includes Jamie Hunt (Guitar), Chris Hawkins (Vocals), Stefano Selvatico (Bass), Michele Sanna (Drums).

The music is a calculated fusion of thrash, progressive, and classic Metal. The vocals fit flawlessly through the different landscapes the music creates. The talent and execution displayed throughout the nine songs paint the dark futuristic path that is 'The Final Cull'.

The crushing opening track, 'Forewarning' launches riffs at breakneck speed. It firmly plants the foundation on which this album is built. The title track stomps at a slower pace and displays a progressive and imaginative song structure. Heavy passages blended with melodic and orchestrated sections. The exact same thing can be said for 'Summoning Of The Soul' as it combines different moods and tempos to create atmospheric shifts as the song reaches its conclusion.

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The shortest track, 'Screaming For Light', rips straight ahead and has a groove inspired section that locks you in. It's a three-minute hurricane that hits hard and quick. Following is the epic 'The Grand Design' that runs over seven minutes. It's a slow heavy grinder that creeps along the destruction it creates. The hypnotic chant in the opening swirls around your head and hooks you in. 'New Motive Power' brings back the speed and aggression.

The ballad 'Ashes In The Sky' adds another dynamic with half the song just vocals and guitar before being swept under a sonic punch. It's a nice twist showing another dimension of the band.

The final two tracks finish the record where it began. Dripping with adrenalin and intensity 'Born From This Hate' and 'Welcome To The World' bring the album to a crushing conclusion.

One Machine delivers a massive metal monster. Branching out into different realms of Metal styles to paint the final product. 'The Final Cull' is the bands best release thus far and sets the bar high for album number three.

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