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(Frontiers) Release date: October 16th 2015

Jeff Kunze

jeff kuntze


The evolution of Stryper spans over three decades. Their discography has reached over ten million records sold worldwide, including 1986's multi-platinum, Grammy Award-nominate 'To Hell With The Devil'.

They don't shy away from their Christian beliefs and have never been afraid to go against the grain and play the underdog role.

There's been no shortage of material since Stryper's rebirth in 2005. The latest release, 'Fallen', contains all the elements in Stryper's periodic table.

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The opening track 'Yahweh', penned with Clint Lowery of Sevendust, builds a sonic temple during its six -minute epic journey. It mixes orchestral pieces, blazing guitar riffs and Sweet's powerhouse vocals.

It's one of Stryper's heaviest hitting songs to date. The same can be said with the title track 'Fallen'. Soaring vocals through the chorus string the power punched verses together.

The thick guitar riff of 'Pride' might be my favourite on the album. It rumbles with an undeniable groove with the full purpose of infecting all within earshot of its brilliance.

'Big Screen Lies' is another guitar heavy track. The pummelling sound of the mid-tempo 'Heaven' is another standout. The verses ride on the shoulders of a monstrous bass line and shotgun sounding drums. Michael Sweet's voice has never sounded better and the memorable guitar lick adds another tasty caveat.

'Love You Like I Do' is the catchiest song on the album. A big melodic hook with layered vocal harmonies acts as a time capsule back to some of their biggest hits.

The swing back to the classic mid 80s sound continues with 'All Over Again'. It caters to the elements you would expect to find in an exceptional power ballad.

Stryper puts another spin on the Black Sabbath track 'After Forever'. Although it's a cover, it seems to fit musically and lyrically and the band pulls it off to near perfection.

The throttle stays open with the ripping 'Get What I Need'. The anthem 'Let There Be Light' contains a huge vocal chorus and thunderous guitar tones. It's another track that blows up the expected boundaries that try to contain them.

The straight-ahead rocker 'The Calling' has that signature hook and melody. The closer 'King Of Kings' is another slice of heaven that holds the same elements of the previous songs.

'Fallen' reaches back to those early classic Stryper albums, bringing back the undeniable heavy riffs and urgency of those early songs. This album drips with emotion and energy from the opening note. Every album is another chance for a band to prove itself once again and this record is a triumph on all levels.

Michael Sweet - Vocals, Guitars
Robert Sweet - Drums
Tim Gaines - Bass Guitar
Oz Fox - Guitars

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