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'Emperor' (EP)
(Inverse Records)
Out Now

Roger Berzerk Fauske

Roger Berzerk Fauske

cauldron of hate

More from Finland and the charmingly named Cauldron of Hate. A little about them before we get on to the music...

They were founded in 2008 and are based in Espoo, the second largest city in Finland and situated west of Helsinki. The band is a quartet and there are also four of them as luck would have it. Their mission? To unleash their death Metal holocaust on the world.

As they say, if you're looking for a polished Pro Tools sound, you have picked up the wrong record. However, if blood and guts is what you desire, thou shalt not be disappointed. Prepare for the slaughter...

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First up is 'Slaughterfest' and atmospheric beginnings lead to the opening salvo and credit where it is due, blood and guts is most definitely what you get. Growling interspersed with menacing, pounding riffs give it the beef right from the off.

Musically this does what not every band of the genre manage and that is creating brashness in the extreme but also leaving memorable riffs crashing about in your cranium like a demented pinball. The guitar in the middle is a fine piece of widdlery, up and down the board with great aplomb. The rhythm behind it all doesn't disappoint either, galloping furious drums dragging all in its path along, bass to match. A very good way to start.

'Heritance Of Hatred' starts off as quickly as the previous track's abrupt ending and gets straight to the point. Old school thrash pumping through its veins, a full minute before the vocals pile in to join the fun. Again the six string riffs pull you in to their menace, screaming guitar in the middle again, fast, nifty and best of all melodiously impressive.

Vocal growling is impressive and the production has played its part too, not allowing it to swamp everything else, kudos on that one Mr Engineer.

'Abyssal Ascension' kicks in with not a little deliberation, the beginnings of a nine plus minute epic. Speeding guitar punctuated with some mighty cymbals, thoughtful tempo changes and growls interspersed at the beginnings again as the song just grows and grows, even throwing in some Helloween-esque guitars in the middle.

The underlying theme in the rhythm and patterns is harmonious doom... Metal such as this has that at its roots but this is no chaos, merely well written and musical transcription as a conveyance. There are far too many long tracks, not just in this genre but in the wider arena of rock that not to put too fine a point on things drive you to distraction, but there is no chance of that with this one – there is the driving, bludgeoning power running all through it, but so many changes, subtle or otherwise, to the music that it always intrigues and excites.

'Wind Of Death' isn't anything to do with what may happen if you consume too hot a curry. Instead it is more driving insistent thrashing drilling into your core. Vocals almost from the outset this time, rising guitar in the middle breaking it up, acting as a bridge to the next section, vocals almost in competition with the six string sorcery as it thunders its way to conclusion.

'Emperor Of Annihilation' is next and last on this far too short outing. This one adds even more menace to what has gone before, more straightforward in its construction but that simplicity adds a lot of force to it... less is more as they say.

I don't want to do it down though – the songwriting is still exemplary and by simple I don't mean basic, just more in your face. And when I say in your face it has all the impact of one of my Norse ancestors swinging his axe.

There are more bells and whistles after halfway, more of the nifty guitar work taking it off in several directions almost simultaneously before it settles back down ready to bludgeon you into submission.

So there it is. And as you can probably tell by now I am more than a little impressed with what they have come up with. This is a very talented bunch of guys, and they have taken death Metal and injected it with more than a dose of melody – who said the two don't mix? The production is top notch which just adds to the effect and overall experience.

Kudos to all concerned... another very good Finnish band. There must be some less than brilliant bands and musos up there, but I am yet to hear any... the search continues!

Murder - bass, vocals
Exhaust - guitar, vocals
Kemisti - drums
Pestilence - guitar, vocals


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