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'Peace At All Costs'
(Century Media)
Release Date: 19th January 2015

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Otherwise are a four piece hard rock band from Las Vegas who are following in the time honoured paying your dues tradition of getting out on the road and building up a fan base through sheer hard work.

After a couple of years pushing their debut album, 'True Love Never Dies', they went into the studio with producer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Stone Sour) last year and in September came out with the vital second album 'Peace At All Costs'. For obvious reasons they have been concentrating on the huge US rock market but finally the album has been released in Europe.

The second album released by any band is sometimes described as the "difficult second album" for a reason. Most bands hone their best songs over a period of years and put them on the debut album but struggle to write enough good songs over the much shorter run up to recording the follow up. I am happy to say that this is NOT the case here. 'Peace At All Costs' is above all an album choc full of memorable, well written hard rocking songs.

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'Love & War' is a chest beating, riff it up anthem of a tune interlaced with melodies. Metal with a melody you can hum afterwards. As you sing along with the refrain of "Love and war is all the same to me", in your mind's eye you can see the audience being swept away by the song in a live situation.

'Darker Side Of The Moon' is a more measured way of getting you nodding along and singing at the same time while 'Never Say' sees them straying into a more pop rock style but retaining an underlying grit which means the uplifting vibe and soaring melodies don't stray too far from their core hard rock vibe.

There are some pretty big hitters in the music scene over the last twenty years playing what you might describe as modern commercial hard rock and you can hear some Nickelback in the style of the frantic 'The Other Side Of Truth' and 'Meet Me In The Dark' starts off like Live meets Creed but soon diverts into places which are all Otherwise.

'Walk Away' is a nice change of pace with it's mellow but uplifting vibe married to another memorable chorus and 'Fate Is Your Enemy' is a muscular slice of grunge like grooves added to yet another big chorus.

'Man On Fire' is an attempt to get away from the three or four minute commercial hard rock songs which dominate the album and has lots of different ideas given room to breathe throughout its near six minute length. Not as immediate as what has gone before I think this might be a song which ends up as many people's favourite.

'Peace At All Costs' is a terrific, confident slice of modern US hard rock at its best. The singing and playing are terrific and due credit should be given to producer David Bottrill as this is the best sounding album I have heard in a long time. If you like your guitars loud but your choruses big and memorable then this is definitely a band to check out. Now how about a UK tour lads?

Line up:
Adrian Patrick – lead vocals
Ryan Patrick – lead guitar/vocals
Flavio Ivan – bass/vocals
Corky Gainsford – drums/vocals
Vassilios Metropoulos – guitar/vocals





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