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'Rise Again'
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Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

the dreaming

Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus were the songwriting duo behind most of US industrial outfit Stabbing Westward's biggest tunes and Hall's vocals and Flakus' keyboards and programming were signature parts of that band's dirty darkwave groove.

After Stabbing Westward's demise in 2002 Hall kept his creative juices flowing with a new project called The Dreaming, forging a path with more straightforward guitar based darkwave material and releasing two albums, 'Etched In Blood' and 'Puppet'.

Stabbing Westward drummer Johnny Haro was in the new band from the beginning but Flakus joined the band in 2014 and this seems to have energised Hall into taking the band more towards the industrial groove and sound their previous outfit was known for.

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'Rise Again' as a title refers to a feeling of rebirth here and you can really feel the energy and excitement of the band in every track. Opening track 'Alone' is a bona fide stomping industrial classic, moving from atmospheric bass and drum grooves to Hall's melodic impassioned vocals and huge guitar riffs peerlessly matched with electronic touches here and there.

For me there are echoes of Killing Joke, Saigon Kick and Nine Inch Nails in places but this is a massively impressive original song and if you do nothing else after reading this review check out the video below as this is a cracking tune!

After such a great start there is always a worry that the tracks that follow will be a disappointment but fortunately that's not the case here. The dirty industrial foot tapping groove is locked in tight through the synth driven 'Painkillers' and 'Kisses Tasle Like Death' with another killer riff in the latter.

'Empty Promises' takes a slightly more commercial edge with nice hook lines among the Pain like killer synth grooves and 'Afraid slows things down a bit without losing any of that stomping intensity.

'Throw It Away' is a nice change of pace, an industrial power ballad if such a thing exists. Maybe they created a whole new genre with this one but its' aura of longing and desolation isn't out of place here. It's no surprise though when Franccesca D'Struct's fabulous bass lines bring the groove straight back in 'Still Believe' to follow.

'Blink Of An Eye' is a more electronic number with a stuttering beat and doesn't really take off until its' big memorable chorus which changes the vibe of the song entirely. Both of the remaning songs return to the big industrial beat at the heart of this band though and 'Destroy' plus the title track are a fitting high energy way to end a dynamic album.

Chris Hall and company have come up with an exhilarating , high energy slice of memorable and exciting music. This is industrial and darkwave influenced music but done with huge slices of melody as well as some terrific songwriting. Play this in your car and you'll be pounding the steering wheel and singing along in no time.

The Dreaming are currently touring the US with Die So Fluid and that sounds like an awesome double bill to me. I hope they keep going and end up in the UK.

Line up:
Christopher Hall- Vocals
Walter Flakus-Keys and Programming
Johnny Haro- Drums
Carlton Bost- Guitar
Franccesca De Struct- Bass




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